About Oviond.

Marketing Management Made Simple

Marketers are expected to build, monitor, tweak, reiterate, and report on marketing campaigns across numerous marketing and web platforms, which are in a constant state of flux. It’s enough to infuriate the most diligent data analyst, let alone marketing professionals. Oviond takes the complexity out of marketing insight and reporting, allowing you to set new standards of success amongst your teams and clients. We strive to be the voice of calm in a world of marketing information overload, by bringing together and simplifying the myriad data available to modern marketing professionals and agencies. We’ll equip you with the tools and experience to break data down into meaningful, timely, and useful information and insights that can be acted upon to increase marketing ROI and provide concise, transparent feedback to your team members or customers.

The Oviond Journey

Oviond was built off a decade of digital marketing agency experience. As an agency, we made mistakes along the way, providing too much, too little, and sometimes just confusing our clients with overly complex solutions. Learning from our mistakes, we set about building a bulletproof, cross-channel analytics and reporting system. As our retention rates skyrocketed, profitability increased, we saved thousands of hours in time, and monitoring, managing and reporting became seamless, we realised we had created something special. Oviond is the culmination of this journey, and now we’re ready to share it with you.

We are dedicated to solving our customers’ toughest marketing analytics and reporting challenges, helping them create meaningful data visualization and fast, scalable reporting solutions seamlessly and simply.

Chris Irwin - Co Founder Oviond INC

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