Oviond Features

Discover a world of features that simplify digital marketing reporting, foster client satisfaction, and promote operational efficiency.

Report Pages

Organize your client reports with ease using Oviond's Report Pages. Customize, brand, and share insights...read more

Duplicate Projects

Saves time and effort in setting up new projects by allowing you to create duplicates...read more

Saved Sections

Streamline reporting with Oviond's 'Saved Sections'—reuse crafted layouts for efficient, consistent client reports....read more

Query Library

Oviond's Query Library offers pre-built queries for swift report assembly. Save and reuse your custom...read more

Project Automations

Enhance efficiency with Oviond's automation feature: streamline marketing reporting, seamlessly integrate 50+ platforms, and customize...read more


Switch to Oviond's Dark Mode for a visually soothing experience. Easily toggle between themes from...read more

PDF Manager

Optimize your PDF organization with Oviond's PDF manager. Easily create, store and manage multiple client-specific...read more

Multi Integration Reports

Seamlessly merge analytics from 50+ platforms into one dashboard. Impress clients with branded, efficient reporting...read more

Custom ShareLink

Boost your brand with Oviond's Custom Share Link. Create white-label reports, gather data in one...read more

Multi-Language Support

Speak your clients' language with Oviond's language localization feature. Easily switch between English, Spanish, French,...read more

User Access

Add unlimited users across all Oviond plans, simplifying your digital marketing reporting. Navigate swiftly, set...read more

Auto Refresh Data

Auto Refresh by Oviond: Keep client dashboards up-to-date effortlessly with hourly/daily automatic data updates from...read more

Custom Score Card

Offers a high level of flexibility in data presentation by allowing you to manually add...read more


Text Widget

Enhances the readability and comprehension of your projects by allowing you to add various text...read more

Image Widget

Enhances your reporting and dashboard projects by allowing you to add images, such as logos...read more

Code Embed

Provides a high level of customization to your projects by allowing you to add custom...read more

Unlimited Data Sources Per Client

Ensures comprehensive reporting by allowing you to connect as many data sources as needed per...read more

Unlimited Dashboard Projects

Provides flexibility and scalability by allowing you to create as many dashboard projects as needed...read more

15-Day Free Trial

Offers full access to all features with the ability to add unlimited clients during a...read more

No Contract Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Offers flexible, no-contract, pay-as-you-go pricing plans starting from $39 per month, with a 25% discount...read more

Oviond Billing Portal

Provides a convenient and secure platform for managing your billing information, allowing you to update...read more

Comprehensive Help Center

Provides a wide range of articles, guides, and tutorials covering all key Oviond features, ensuring...read more

Data Widget

Provides flexibility in creating custom dashboards and reports by allowing you to add data from...read more

Video Widget

Enriches your reporting and dashboard projects by allowing you to embed videos, creating more dynamic...read more

Password Protect Shared Projects

Adds an extra layer of security to your shared projects by requiring recipients to enter...read more


Provides a powerful tool for data analysis with a library of pre-built query options and...read more

Query Builder

Enables in-depth, custom data analysis by allowing you to blend data from multiple sources, create...read more

Dedicated Support Team

Ensures you always have the support you need with a team of customer success and...read more

Drag and Drop Builder

Simplifies the creation of dashboard and reporting projects with an intuitive interface that allows you...read more

Done For You Migration

Available from our regular agency plans, this service handles product setup and data transfer from...read more

User Management

Oviond's User Management feature streamlines team expansion and collaboration, allowing easy control over access and...read more

Team Access

Promotes efficient collaboration and data security with role-based access to specific clients and limited administrative...read more

Support User Access

Provides timely assistance while maintaining account security, with temporary access to support that can be...read more

Custom Domain

Enhances brand visibility and professionalism by allowing reports and dashboards to be viewed on your...read more

Custom Email Domain

Enhances brand credibility and professionalism by allowing Oviond emails to be sent from your own...read more

Email Variables

Enables more personalized and engaging email communications by allowing customization of email subject, message, and...read more

Oviond’s Roadmap

Oviond's Roadmap feature allows users to shape the platform's development by suggesting ideas, voting on...read more

Multiple Client Management

Simplifies the process of managing multiple clients with an easy-to-use portal for adding, removing, and...read more

Client Folders

Enhances efficiency and productivity by allowing clients to be sorted into distinct folders for easy...read more

Client Default Currency

Ensures accurate financial reporting by allowing a default currency to be set for each client,...read more

Client Time Zone

Ensures accuracy in scheduling by allowing a specific time zone to be set for each...read more

Client Data Source Manager

Simplifies the integration of various marketing platforms with your client's account, ensuring comprehensive and accurate...read more

Client Projects

Offers flexibility and scalability in creating and managing unlimited dashboard or reporting projects, with tools...read more

Reporting and Dashboard Templates

Provides a quick and efficient start to new projects with over 100 pre-made reporting and...read more

Project Date Selector

Ensures consistency in data analysis by allowing the selection of a preset or custom date...read more

View Report

Allows users to preview their reporting project exactly as a client would see it, ensuring...read more

Share Project via Email

Makes it easy to manually email your project to one or multiple recipients in a...read more

Instant Share Link

Provides a quick and secure way to share projects with clients through a sharable link...read more

Export Project to PDF

Allows you to convert your project into a portable and easily shareable format, making your...read more