Swydo And Oviond: Stacking Up The Software

Reporting is a crucial consideration for the modern marketer. When it comes to the digital space, data is available in abundance, and access to such rich data is driving efficiency, effectiveness and excellence like never before. From the individual freelance level, through to massive global enterprise scale, clients expect a certain level of reporting and feedback on their marketing efforts, and Swydo offers just that.

ReportGarden And Oviond: Stacking Up The Software

The contemporary marketing agency has a wealth of data at its disposal. When it comes to reporting and presenting this data to the client, there are numerous other considerations and value-adds that extend further than simply representing the raw data. Agencies need to go above and beyond, and ReportGarden is one of the reporting tools that make this possible on many levels.

7 Powerful Digital Marketing Reporting Platforms To Bring Your Data To Life

Marketers rely on data as an essential tool to accurately monitor campaigns. But it is the ability to share the insights from the collated data in a simple, engaging and concise report that really unlocks value to the client. Here is what we found to be 7 of the most comprehensive and intuitive marketing reporting platforms.