First Class Digital Marketing Analytics & Client Reporting Done For You!

We get it… you are a rockstar offer a great service and have lot’s of demanding clients to deal with.  Keeping all of your clients marketing data together in an organised way takes time.  Reporting takes time.  Introducing our Oviond done for you service! The best data analytics and reporting team on the planet bolted to the incredible Oviond platform at your fingertips so that you can focus on growing your business while we ensure clients get great reporting and feedback.. from you of course, your domain, your brand…. Our team and definitely our secret:)
Digital marketing report on reporting tool

Sounds Amazing... but how much will this cost?

All that you need to do is commit to one of our annual plans.. you save 25% on your monthly subscription… that it. There will be an initial consultation call, you llll  Your very own data analytics and reporting team dedicated to keeping your clients updadted happy and retained

Digital marketing integrations on reporting software

Sounds To Good To Be True, How can you do this

Well because Oviond handles the digital marketing reporting, and analytics layer for over 5000 digital marketing agencies globally… we have developed workflows, templates and common high performance analytics and reporting strategies that we can deploy on to your account… Oviond automates most of the processe and our ever expanding team of data rocket scientests are super proficient at driving the Oviond machine that we are able to to this super effectively at scale… 

Okay... Im sold, how do we start

Simply complete the application form by clicking the button below, we will book you in for an initial free assesment, make sure the platform are a good fit.  We will then propose a time frame, deliverables and custom pay link.  Once we recieve your annual payment.  We setup the workflow on a trello board, and invite you to our slack channel. 

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What Are You Waiting For?

Sign up for our done for you digital marketing analytics + reporting program, save time, keep your clients in the know and be the rockstar

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