Oviond For Agencies

Centralised customer management, insight and reporting for global fast growing digital agencies

Monitor, Optimise, Report and Repeat at Scale

In order to maximise value for your clients, it’s crucial that you know what is working and what isn’t, and how best to allocate your resources accordingly. The challenge of simultaneously providing a high level of expertise to your clients, drawing insights, and growing your business is only compounded by impromptu, manual reporting. Oviond is the industry standard for agencies that are striving to streamline their workflows, from data integration to decision making, whilst building stronger client relationships, enhancing client satisfaction, and ultimately expanding your client base.

Cross-Channel Unification

The decentralisation of your clients’ campaign elements, including budgets, performance metrics, and outcomes across diverse channels and platforms is counterintuitive to your marketing efforts. Oviond unifies your KPIs, dashboards, and reports by automating more than 80% of your data collation, allowing you to retire manual processes and achieve seamless automation across numerous clients, giving you the time and resources to derive and deliver the insights that matter.

Analyse Client Performance & Define Success

Holistically assessing your client’s current performance through comprehensive, real-time data visualisations is the first step to defining their success and outlining how they can attain it. Equipped with these powerful insights you will be able to develop a robust, complete digital marketing strategy that will exceed their expectations, and help them execute it flawlessly.

Constantly Monitor & Refine Your Digital Marketing Efforts With Real-Time Reports

A proactive approach to digital marketing is essential for continuous, sustainable success. With constant access to your clients’ performance data in real-time, you will always have the insight to act on changes in performance, swiftly and efficiently.

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