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Oviond’s allows you to act in the moment to take advantage of every optimisation opportunity, whilst providing an interactive reporting experience that keeps your teams and partners aligned. Marketing analytics is a journey, and Oviond will ensure you always take the right path to smarter decisions, across all your marketing efforts

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Marketing Performance Optimisation

Modern marketing is complex. The marketer is required to make sense of numerous tools, technologies, and reports to understand what’s working, what isn’t, and where to invest. Oviond removes the guesswork by bringing all your paid, owned, and earned marketing together in one centralised view, facilitating complete visibility of your marketing performance across your digital channels, including social media, content marketing, email, web analytics, and more.

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Cross-Channel Demand Generation Optimisation

From search and social to display and email, contemporary marketing is inherently cross-channel, but is your reporting and optimisation? For most marketers, the deluge of tools and reports simply lead to cross-channel confusion. With Oviond, your teams can get a clear, panoramic view of all your campaigns and channels in one place, complete with KPIs and insights, so you know which campaigns to double down on and which ones to pause.

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Bringing It All Together

Oviond integrates your marketing data into one simple platform, making it easy to visualise, optimise and report on key performance areas across your digital platforms and campaigns

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Answering Your Top 5 Marketing Questions

Marketers have a new set of questions to answer, with greater urgency:

  • Which campaigns are working?
  • Where should we spend our next dollar?
  • Is our marketing spend and delivery on pace?
  • Are the right audiences getting the right messaging?
  • Are we creating a great customer experience?
Simple & Powerful

Better Brand / Agency Relationship

Your digital agency is probably working very hard at meeting your brand growth and business growth objectives, but, somehow, you’re still left frustrated and in the dark when it comes to performance. Oviond functions as a seamless bridge between yourself and your agency, ensuring you’re always in the know in terms of campaign performance, media spend, and action being taken. 

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