E-Commerce Marketing Dashboard (Shopify)

Oviond’s e-Commerce Marketing dashboard is the stable template for any agency who is looking to monitor the performance of their online shop.

Metrics Included In The E-Commerce Marketing Dashboard (Shopify)

Why You Need The E-Commerce Marketing Dashboard (Shopify)

Our e-Commerce Marketing dashboard includes data from both Google Analytics and Shopify integrations, to tell the perfect story on the performance of your clients online shop. A lot of agencies waste time gather data across platforms to provide insights to their clients on their performance and on things that can be improved on, with our ready-made template, you can spend less time looking for the data and spend more time making sure you are hitting sales targets, understanding your users behavior on your website and identifying new opportunities.

You can also find this template under our reporting section if you wish to provide your clients with an overview performance report on a monthly basis.