PPC Marketing KPI Dashboard

Oviond’s PPC Marketing KPI dashboard is all your agency needs to monitor the performance of your clients pay-per click advertising.

Metrics Included In The PPC Marketing KPI Dashboard

Why You Need The PPC Marketing KPI Dashboard

Our PPC Marketing KPI dashboard is exactly like its name! Our ready made template is a stable for any agency who is looking at reporting on their pay-per-click campaigns. With key performance metrics across Facebook Ads and Google Ads, you will be able to identify trend in your data and make actionable changes accordingly. Having all this data in a single view you can easily monitor the performance of metrics like cost, conversions, clicks, impressions and much more in our easy to read and intuitive dashboard. Impress your clients with your knowledge of their campaign performance!

You can also find this template under our reporting section if you wish to provide your clients with an overview performance report on a monthly basis.