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Marketing Funnels

Bring all your digital marketing data together and answer fundamental questions like – How much money am I spending and what is my return on investment? Is performance getting better or worse over time? Should I spend more or less money on this channel and why? Instantly show off your skills with one of our funnel templates or build your very own in a few clicks.

Your Marketing Data, Making Sense...Finally!

Get the big picture by collating data from all your connected marketing integrations

Digital Marketing Funnel Templates

One click marketing Funnels to get you started

Feature Packed Digital Marketing Funnels

All features are standard with all Oviond plans

Multiple Axis

Add multiple axis for widgets displaying data for multiple metrics.

Data Trend Lines

"Trend Lines will help you highlight a steady increase or decrease in the data to your client.

Data Auto Refresh

Get real time data by selecting a frequency of how often you would like to refresh your dashboard.

Password Protect

If you are dealing with sensitive data add a password to protect your reports and dashboards.

Media Uploader

Make your data stand out by adding images and videos to your funnels, reports and dashboards.

Custom Date Range For Widgets

Add custom dates to single widget to highlight data for a reporting period separate to the report.

Blended Data Widgets

"Sum metrics across integrations to get the true value of your clients performance in one widget! "

Custom Template Creation

Save your own custom templates and apply it throughout your clients.

Template Library

Our ready made templates offer a range of common KPI’s and metrics sure to impress your client.

Client Date Picker Control

Give your client the ability to manipulate the date range of the shared report or dashboard.

Share by Email

Simplify sending by sharing your reports and dashboards via email from within Oviond.

Share By Link

With just a simple link you can share up to date funnels, reports and dashboards with your clients.

Media Markup

Our media markup feature allows you to resell media and report all-inclusive values.