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Oviond partners with new integration: MailChimp

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Mailchimp. Oviond and Mailchimp will work together to bring Oviond clients only the best experience when reporting Mailchimp data into Oviond. . Read more...

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Demo of Oviond: Profitable Tools with Dave Swift

Dave Swift goes through the setup of Oviond and talks about the importance of reporting for digital marketing agencies. He also gives his impressions of the UI on Oviond and highlights what he loves about it!. Read more...

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Oviond Launches Lifetime Deal: AppSumo

Chris from AppSumo takes viewers on a 4-minute demo of Oviond where he shows how it can be used to combine and organize all of your marketing data in one useful platform. . Read more...

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Webinar of Oviond by Co-Founder: AppSumo

Recorded webinar with the team from Oviond to show how the platform allows you to get all your client marketing data in one customizable platform, how it automatically generates unlimited white-labeled marketing reports, and can combine real-time marketing insights across clients and integrations . Read more...

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