PPC Marketing KPI Report

Oviond’s PPC Marketing KPI report is all your agency needs to monitor the performance of your client's pay-per-click advertising.

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We offer the ability to fully white-label your account with a custom domain and custom branding to match your corporate identity.

Template Library

Oviond has 120+ ready made templates offering a range of common KPI’s and metrics. You can also create your own custom templates.

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Easily move widgets, text boxes and media on your Dashboards, Reports & Funnels. Sorting of data has never been so effortless.

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Oviond offers you a product setup to get your data fully tranferred over from your previous reporting tool and onto our platform.

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Set data auto refresh on Dashboards and facilitate your Report distribution by automatically sending reports to your clients via email.

Multiple Client Management

We offer seamless client management, by managing multiple websites and marketing channels in one place on separate client projects.

Blended Data Widgets

Create widgets that include metrics from multiple integrations to get the true value of your clients performance in one widget.

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Share Dashboards, Reports & Funnels with clients by using a shareable link, creating a PDF or emailing directly from your account.


Key metrics available in the PPC Marketing KPI Report template

Google Ads: Cost
Total spend on ads.
Google Ads: Clicks
The number of clicks on your ad.
Google Ads: CTR
The ratio showing how often people who see your ad end up clicking it.
Google Ads: Conversion Rate
The average number of conversions per ad interaction, shown as a percentage.
Facebook Ads: Total Reach
The number of people who saw your ads at least once.
Facebook Ads: All Clicks
The number of clicks on your ads.
Facebook Ads: Average CPC
The average cost for each click.
Facebook Ads: Impressions
The number of times your ads were on screen.

Why You Need The PPC Marketing KPI Report

Our PPC Marketing KPI report is exactly like its name! Our ready-made template is a stable for any agency that is looking at reporting on their pay-per-click campaigns. With key performance metrics across Facebook Ads and Google Ads, you will be able to identify trends in your data and make actionable changes accordingly. With all this data in a single view, you can easily monitor the performance of metrics like cost, conversions, clicks, impressions and much more in our easy to read and intuitive report. Impress your clients with your knowledge of their campaign performance!

You can also find this template under our dashboard section if you wish to provide a quick snapshot of your client’s performance.

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Available Templates

Oviond offers a wide variety of pre-built templates. Here are all of our templates that include Facebook Ads and Google Ads data

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