Digital Marketing Reporting For Digital Marketing Agencies

Monitor the digital marketing performance of your client's social media, search marketing, website analytics, email, and PR data through stunning reports, dashboards, and funnels. Connect all their digital marketing data in one place!

Why Use Oviond If You Are A Digital Marketing Agency?

Jumping from one platform to another to monitor your client's digital marketing performance across all their favorite digital marketing tools can often be very overwhelming and time consuming. With Oviond you can bring all your client's digital marketing data into one place, saving you time during reporting season. By automating your clients reports, you will have time to focus on what really matters; optimizing clients' digital marketing performance and providing crucial insights and into your efforts.

Available Features

Here are three key feature on Oviond for digital marketing agencies

Folder Management

By separating your clients by industry, alphabetical order, channels and much more, you are able to keep your account organised for effective client management.


With just a handful of metrics, track the overall performance of your marketing efforts and outline the steps that lead up to a conversion.

Report Automation

Create your reports once-off and automate your sending for more effective reporting. Let Oviond do all the work to ensure you never miss a deadline!

Available Templates

Oviond offers a wide variety of pre-built templates

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