Digital Marketing Reporting For Small Businesses

Tracking your business's digital marketing efforts and digital marketing performance has never been this easy! Highlighting key KPI's from the digital marketing tools that every small business needs such as Google Analytics, Facebook and Google Ads, is key in your digital marketing success.

Why Use Oviond If You Are A Small Business?

The amount of data when working with digital marketing platforms can often be overwhelming. Sometimes you might think to yourself "Where do I start"? and the answer is with Oviond! Oviond will provide you with +100 templates for key integrations such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook and many more to help you grow your small business. Eliminate the clutter by spending less time worrying about gathering data and more time identifying new opportunities.

Available Features

Here are three key features on Oviond for small businesses


Not sure what KPI's to monitor? Each of our templates have been designed with a specific goal in mind. Navigate to the template section on our website to select the best template for your reporting needs!


A funnel will provide an overview of how your marketing efforts are influencing desired conversions and help visualise where changes to the strategy need to be made.

Dashboard Auto Refresh

Get real-time data and identify any discrepancies in your campaigns through our auto-refresh feature. Keep your data up to date to help make quick changes to optimise campaign performance.

Available Templates

Oviond offers a wide variety of pre-built templates

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