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Monitor and report on digital marketing activities for any number of clients across 50+ platforms. Utilize customizable templates and automation to ensure a seamless reporting experience.
Powering reporting for 3,000+ Digital marketing agencies globally

Add Your Clients

With Oviond, you can consolidate all your client data in one place. Monitor performance, simplify reporting, and keep your clients informed with white label reporting from your agency.

Connect to Your Favorite Marketing Tools

Oviond integrates with over 50 popular marketing tools including Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Mailchimp, and more.

Build a Comprehensive Marketing Dashboard

Uncover the power of Oviond’s Marketing Dashboards. Keep your clients informed and monitor marketing activity across more than 50 data sources, all from a single centralized hub.

Simplify Your Digital Marketing Reporting

Our reporting software is designed for marketing agencies. Effortlessly monitor and report on campaigns across clients and multiple marketing platforms.

Features For Enhanced Digital Marketing Reporting

Step into a new era of digital marketing reporting with Oviond’s innovative features. Explore how our tools can simplify your reporting, enrich your presentations, and empower your decision-making.

Your Partner in Strategic Marketing Monitoring & Reporting

Whether you’re a digital marketing agency, a marketing team, or a small to medium business, Oviond has a solution tailored for you. Explore how our platform can transform your digital marketing reporting, improve your monitoring strategies, and drive your success.

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