7 Powerful Digital Marketing Reporting Platforms To Bring Your Data To Life

Marketers rely on data as an essential tool to accurately monitor campaigns. But it is the ability to share the insights from the collated data in a simple, engaging and concise report that really unlocks value to the client. Here is what we found to be 7 of the most comprehensive and intuitive marketing reporting platforms.

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In the contemporary marketplace, data is a global currency that drives progress, grows profit margins and unlocks the power of businesses across numerous, diverse industries.Marketers rely on data as an essential tool to accurately monitor campaigns, allowing them to track myriad metrics and keep clients happy and satisfied that they are seeing an acceptable level of ROI. Whilst simply having access to this rich data may be invaluable to the marketing professional, it is the ability to share the insights from the collated data in simple, engaging and concise reports that really unlocks value for the client and brings them to the table.We reviewed 7 of the most comprehensive and intuitive marketing reporting platforms that will bring your data to life and keep your clients coming back.


Swydo Reporting Software is an online reporting tool that uses templates and pre-built widgets to create PPC, social and analytic marketing reports. The platform allows for unlimited integrations with the majority of first-party data sources such as Google AdWords and Analytics, LinkedIn, Facebook insights and so on.

Swydo Report Example

There are some powerful reporting features at one’s disposal with Swydo, such as automatic scheduling and sending of reports, white labelling, and monitoring of costs, KPIs and goals. It’s aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, digital agencies and organisations utilizing in-house marketing, and their workflow feature is an added bonus that facilitates effective management of team calendars, project templates, recurring tasks, time tracking etc.Pricing ranges from $75 – $360 a month.


ReportGarden is full suite, premium reporting and dashboarding software. The platform itself is well structured, intuitive and user-friendly, making it fairly straightforward to use. It has all the reporting and dashboarding features one would expect (Pre-set and custom report and dashboard templates, drag-and-drop widgets, customization and white labelling, and automated reports and scheduling), and there are also some powerful extras like an SEO tool for keyword tracking, website audits and backlink analysis, automated invoice management for tracking ad spend, budget tracking and alerts and more.

Report Garden Campaign Performance Example

Add to this customized project proposals for clients, powerful always-on support and a useful client portal, and ReportGarden stacks up as one of the most complete reporting suites on offer.Pricing ranges from $149 – $ 1299 a month.

Google Data Studio

As part of the Google Marketing Platform, the Google Data Studio tool is a very useful reporting platform for all, that integrates with other Google products (such as AdWords, Analytics etc.) seamlessly and for free, but non-Google products require third-party integration, often at an additional cost. Essentially functioning like a more detailed version of Google Analytics, users can copy reports directly into Data Studio from Analytics itself or Google sheets.

Google Data Studio Example Dashboard

There is no limit on data, report pages or widgets, and charts are highly customizable in terms of size and the level of interactivity, making data visualization simple. Furthermore, one can set dates and filter data according to client preference, combine blended data on reports, drag and drop scorecards, access real-time dashboards and white label reports seamlessly, making this a powerful, free tool for data reporting and visualization. Google Data Studio is entirely free to use, making it a great choice for many smaller marketing agencies and individuals.


AgencyAnalytics is enterprise marketing dashboard and reporting software with a wide variety of integrations (30+) that include most of the major data sources and social media platforms, automated reports that can be scheduled monthly, weekly or daily, a high level of customization from dashboards to personalized report comments, and a variety of widget chart types.

Agency Analytics Social Media Campaign Performance Example

Additionally, there are a few value-adds such as SEO tools for rank tracking, site auditing, backlink monitoring and competitor analysis, agency management tools that allow the creation of staff accounts and individual staff task allocation, and permission-based client logins.Pricing ranges from $49 -$499 a month.

Dash This

Dash This is specialized software for creating dashboards, offering 3 different dashboard options, which become reports after setup: The Periodic dashboard, which shows stats from certain periods of time; the Rolling dashboard, which shows stats on a continuous basis in your given timeframe; and the Campaign dashboard, which tracks specific campaign performance over time.

Dash This Sample Dashboard

These dashboards can then be customized using either the 9 pre-set widget chart types or custom widget options, through drag and drop widget placement. Dash This does allow integrations with most of the major data source software and digital marketing tools available, and allows for CSV data file imports for custom data. Additionally, Dash This offers report templates that span social media, email marketing, PPC and Ecommerce, report sharing and automation, and email and video support.Pricing ranges from $33-$499 a month, depending on the number of dashboards used.


Megalytic is a client reporting and dashboarding tool aimed mostly at digital marketing agencies and website hosting companies. The software offers everything one requires to create marketing reports and present user data in a simple, visual format, with the ability to schedule reports for monthly, weekly and daily delivery directly to a client’s email as either a link or PDF.

Megalytic Dashboard Example

These reports are built using predefined templates, which can then be customized at a mostly aesthetic level, like changing the theme (colors) of the report and basic white labelling that allows for the adjustment of logos, colors, and fonts etc. The data used in the reports updates automatically and doesn’t need to be refreshed each time it is sent to the client. One is also able to add filters when creating widgets for reports, to include or exclude data – making for a fairly holistic reporting experience.Pricing ranges from $39.99 to $399.98 a month.


Oviond is a comprehensive platform with a full spectrum of reporting, monitoring and analysis tools, whilst separating the reporting and dashboarding aspects of the platform, making both fully customisable according to each client’s unique requirements.

Oviond Campaign Performance Dashboard Example

The platform offers unlimited easy integrations, automated reporting, monitoring of costs, KPIs and goals, and white labelling. Plus, the ability to create automatic dashboards and custom widgets, and a full suite of client-specific functions (individual client template reports, custom currency settings per client, custom client branding and more) takes reporting to a whole new level. Navigating the Oviond platform is simple and intuitive, with access to every feature on the handy sidebar, and setting up projects and adding integrations is seamless. Furthermore, Oviond’s online help and support is of the highest standard, and there’s even a portal through which users can suggest changes and additions to improve the service and their individual experience therein.Pricing ranges from just $39 – $399 a month.