The Oviond Affiliate Program

Join our Affiliate Program and enjoy a 30% recurring commission. No entry fee, just endless opportunities.

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Recurring Revenue Stream

The Oviond Affiliate Program offers a lucrative opportunity to earn a 30% recurring commission. This means that for every referral that becomes a paying customer, you earn a commission not just once, but for the lifetime of the account. This can result in a steady and significant income stream over time.

Broad Eligibility and Easy Entry

The program is open to everyone, not just Oviond customers. Whether you’re a digital marketing agency, an influencer, a freelancer, or simply someone with a knack for referrals, you can join. Plus, there’s no entrance fee, making it easy to get started.

Comprehensive Support and Tracking

Oviond provides extensive support to its affiliates, including a variety of promotional materials and a dedicated tracking tool. The promotional materials help you effectively market the product, while the tracking tool allows you to monitor every step of the referral process, from free trials to sales, and most importantly, your earnings.

Who is Eligible for the Oviond Affiliate Program?

Our program is open to a wide range of B2B professional services. Here are some examples:

Digital Marketing Agencies

These are businesses that offer digital marketing services on behalf of other companies, typically those lacking in-house expertise.


These are individuals who have a strong presence in the industry and can sway potential buyers by endorsing or recommending products or services.

Business Consultants

Whether an individual or a firm, business consultants provide management consulting services to help businesses enhance their efficiency and performance.


Freelancers are self-employed professionals hired by different companies to work on specific projects.

Technology Partners

These are vendors that form strategic partnerships to facilitate the implementation of technical systems across platforms.

Accounting Service Providers

These are companies that offer a range of services, including payroll, bookkeeping, and other accounting-related processes.

Navigating the Oviond Affiliate Program: Your Questions Answered

From eligibility to payment details, we’ve got you covered. Explore our comprehensive FAQ section to learn more about the Oviond Affiliate Program

No, the program is open to everyone. While we encourage our customers to sign up because of their familiarity with our product, anyone interested can become an affiliate.
No, joining the program is free. You simply need to sign up to get started.
Payments are made exclusively through PayPal. Ensure you have a PayPal business account and that your PayPal details are included in your affiliate profile.

All payments will be processed on the 25th of every month. The minimum threshold for payments is $50.


Absolutely. You can find a variety of promotional materials in your affiliate account and on our press kit page, which is regularly updated with the latest content.

Payments are processed on the 25th of every month, provided you’ve reached the minimum threshold of $50.
The referral cookie life is 90 days. This means if a user signs up within 90 days of clicking your referral link, you’ll earn a commission. This applies even if their trial period ends, as long as they become a paying customer within the 90-day window.
No, self-referrals or referrals of family members or companies you work for are not permitted. The aim of the program is to expand brand awareness and create advocates for Oviond.
Oviond tracks referrals based on browser cookies. If you’ve changed your browser or device, used incognito mode, or cleared your cookies before signing up, the sign-up might not be tracked.
Yes, while affiliates are allowed to use Oviond’s brand and marketing resources available in the Affiliates section, they cannot modify logos or other assets. Affiliates do not gain any trademark, copyright, or other rights to these materials. Affiliates must not imply they are acting on behalf of Oviond, directly advertise Oviond products, or bid for advertisements that compete with Oviond.

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