GetResponse & Oviond: Inbound Marketing Mastery

Oviond has recognized the importance of a good inbound marketing tool, and that is why we have partnered with one of the best in the industry to deliver you a robust, reliable and informative integration to help you perfect your email marketing reporting. Introducing… GetResponse!

Email marketing is what many brands gravitate towards when trying to communicate with both larger and smaller contact bases in order to promote, inform and educate their audience on various marketing or operational messages.

Email marketing is incredibly versatile as it can be focussed towards a small segment of a contact list with intimate and targeted messaging, or used to reach a contact list at scale where volume is key! You can see why email marketing is still going strong even decades after the very first email was sent.

Email marketing is for everyone!

Oviond has recognized the importance of this incredible digital marketing tool, and that is why we have partnered with one of the best in the industry to deliver you a robust, reliable and informative integration to help you perfect your email marketing reporting.

Introducing… GetResponse!

What Is GetResponse?

GetResponse is an inbound marketing software focussed on automating your digital marketing processes with the aid of email marketing and website building.

GetResponse’s intuitive and visually appealing user interface makes using the platform a breeze and translates into a truly must-have product for any marketer looking to reach an audience of any size.

GetResponse Main Features

Now that we have highlighted what GetResponse is, let’s take a closer look at the features that make GetResponse such a powerful tool:

Email Marketing

This is the bread and butter for GetResponse and comes jam-packed with all that you need to create expert email marketing campaigns and newsletters for your audience.

Starting your first email marketing campaign on GetResponse is simple because of the incredible template library they boast to get you up and running in just a few clicks. The templates have been beautifully crafted so that any email campaign that you send will be able to wow your audience with visually appealing designs to complement the information in your emails, which can go a long way to boosting your audience’s response to your emails.

Email templates are a great place to start, but customizing your emails and creating a campaign process to suit your needs is where the real strength is with this tool. The ability to provide personalized emails with dynamic content for subscribers, A/B testing options to optimize your campaigns, auto-responders, and drag and drop builders make using GetResponse an email marketer’s dream!

Screenshot of GetResponse's Email Marketing feature

Website Builder

Most businesses in the 21st century need a website in order to remain competitive, find and capture new customers, and even conduct their business. Therefore an easy-to-use and powerful website builder is a tool that is a must for any business looking to build a website.

The combination of ready-made templates as well as a no-coding solution for the website builder means that anyone can build a website for their own business without the need to contract a developer or a web designer. GetResponse has taken this ease-of-access process a step further by even offering an option to have your website built by AI after you answer a few simple questions.

This sounds incredible for users who do not yet have a website, however if you already have a website built out and wish to import it to GetResponse to edit, manage and analyze, this is possible too.

GetResponse has website builders covered on all bases.

Screenshot of GetResponse's Website Builder feature


Webinars are becoming a crucial tool in the digital marketing world in order to provide your audience with a platform to interact with your business face-to-face. GetResponse’s webinar tool makes it easy for businesses to create a personality with their brand because of the stage that is shared with the hand-picked presenters in front of both clients and prospective clients.

By standard, GetResponse allows its users to host an unlimited number of webinars with up to 1000 attendees each. Up to 3 presenters are able to present a webinar at once and webinars can also be stored if you wish to avoid live presentations, or wish to repeat a webinar in the future.

One of the best ways to host a successful webinar is to create an interactive experience for the viewer. GetResponse makes this easy with the ability to create polls, call-to-action buttons, display collaboration whiteboards, share files and much much more.

Lastly, in order to expand the reach of your webinar even further than your contact list, GetResponse also allows users to livestream to Facebook and YouTube, which is a great way to bring in new leads to your business!

Screenshot of GetResponse's Webinar feature

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a buzzword in this industry because of how important time-saving is as a digital marketer! This feature is at the forefront of GetResponse’s top features with their automated workflows for customer journeys.

Creating customized workflows and filters based on users’ behavior allows for your business to focus on the users that need the most attention, communicate with them at the right time and target specific users with offers, help and information, without even needing to lift a finger. That is the beauty of automation right! Creating automated workflows means that the chance of a lead falling through the cracks is drastically reduced, and therefore building relationships with leads, prospects and customers is a breeze. This is how lead nurturing should be done!

Screenshot of GetResponse's Marketing Automation feature

GetResponse & Oviond

Connecting your GetResponse account to Oviond will give you the ability to report on the performance of your email campaigns and newsletters with the ability to view totals of all your combined newsletters or campaigns, as well as granular data for each individual newsletter and campaign!

Learn more about how to integrate your GetResponse account to Oviond.

Don’t forget to also check out our quick introduction blog to help you effectively report on your GetResponse KPIs on Oviond.

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