Introducing Google PageSpeed Insights to Oviond

Google PageSpeed Insights is a useful analytics tool for website owners that allows them to quickly and easily test the speed of their website. Here is how to use Google PageSpeed Insights on Oviond.

Google PageSpeed Insights is a useful analytics tool for website owners that allows them to quickly and easily test the speed of their website. This is a particularly crucial area of website analysis to monitor as a slow website will rank poorly in Google search results, and will detract from a visitor’s viewing experience.

Google PageSpeed Insights provides us with information on how fast the website is loading for visitors and where improvements can be made by giving an overview of the most valuable page speed metrics. Data from all of these report types can be visualized in dashboards and reports on Oviond.

Using Google PageSpeed Insights On Oviond

Google PageSpeed Insights connects to Oviond using a website domain. This authentication will need to be redone for each client that you would like to pull Google PageSpeed Insights data for.

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We have a comprehensive help center article that will answer all questions around the authentication, permissions, and limitations for Google PageSpeed Insights.

Data Available On Oviond For Google PageSpeed Insights Widgets

The Google PageSpeed Insights integration has a range of metrics and two data views (Chrome User Experience and Lighthouse) which are available when creating a widget on Oviond. You can view all the metrics and data views on your Oviond account once you have successfully connected your website to your client project through Google PageSpeed Insights.

It is important to take note of how important website speed is in maximizing website session duration, and Google PageSpeed Insights addresses this perfectly with its range of website analytics metrics on Oviond.

Top metrics available on Oviond for Google PageSpeed Insights:

  • Page Speed – The amount of time it takes to load all the elements of your page.
  • First Meaningful Paint – The measure of when the primary content of a page is visible to the user.
  • Speed Index – The measure in milliseconds of how long it takes for the visible parts of a webpage to be displayed.
  • Time To Interactive – The amount of time between the point at which your page elements have loaded and the point at which those elements become interactive (or usable).

Feel free to let us know if you need any metrics or data view added for Google PageSpeed Insights on Oviond and we would be happy to look into adding these in for you.

Using Google PageSpeed Insights In Dashboards and Reports

Google PageSpeed Insights widgets can be created in dashboards and reports on Oviond. We have designed the widget builder to be completely intuitive, offering you the ability to report on data exactly how you would see it displayed in the Google PageSpeed Insights platform.

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Google PageSpeed Insights widgets can be added to dashboards and reports as single data widgets. The data provided by Google PageSpeed Insights is an essential part of digital marketing reports for clients who wish to monitor the speed performance of their website.

Templates Available For Google PageSpeed Insights On Oviond

Oviond has a starter dashboard and report template for Google PageSpeed Insights data. You are able to create a custom template that can be used across all your clients.

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Ready to create your own Google PageSpeed Insights dashboards and reports now? If you still have some questions about Google PageSpeed Insights, please reach out to support.

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