Introducing Mention to Oviond

Mention is ideal for agencies and brands who are looking to monitor their online activity, listen to conversations and trends, and publish posts on social media. Here is how to use Mention on Oviond.

Mention is an online social listening tool that enables brands to closely monitor the conversations on their social media channels.

With Mention you can:

Monitor: Monitor your brand’s online activity across billions of sources. These sources include forums, blogs, reviews, and more.

Listen: Mention helps you listen in on the latest topics on social media. With this tool, your brand is easily able to identify trends and conversations across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Publish: You can use Mention’s publishing tool to schedule and post to multiple sources.

You can connect your Mention account to Oviond to monitor and report on the performance of your social media channels, as well as, listen in on the performance of your competitors. Using Ovionds report and dashboards, create stunning data visualizations to help you easily identify trends.

Using Mention On Oviond

Mention connects to Oviond using your Mention login details (email and password). This authentication only needs to be done once per Mention account.

We have a comprehensive help center article that will answer any questions you may have related to Mention’s authentication to Oviond, permissions, and limitations.

Data Available On Oviond For Mention Widgets

Mention’s integration has a range of metrics that are available when creating a widget in Oviond. You can view all of Mention’s metrics once you have successfully connected the integration to your client project.

Top metrics available on Oviond for Mention:

  • Cumulative Reach – The sum of direct and domain reach on the platform.
  • Relevance Score – The estimate of how well your brand resonates with your target audience.
  • Direct Reach – The direct impact that the actual mention has. This would be the reach for an article on a website or a specific social media post on a platform.
  • Tone Score – Tone can be negative, neutral, or positive. This information is based on your mentions and is determined by our internal system. We read the mention and determine its tone.

Feel free to let us know if you need any metrics added for Mention on Oviond and we would be happy to look into adding these in for you.

Using Mention In Dashboards, Reports, and Funnels

Mention metrics can be used across dashboards and reports on Oviond. You can add Mention metrics using our intuitive widget builder, which includes all the key metrics your brand needs to report and monitor on the performance of your and your competitor’s social media engagement.

Screenshot of Oviond's widget builder.

Custom Templates For Mention On Oviond

Oviond doesn’t offer standard or blended templates for Mention data. Each metric created for Mention on Oviond requires you to specify the Alerts you would like to report on. Due to this applying, the same report template to a different client means the system will not be able to identify the same alerts specified in the template and might revert in an error.

However, you are able to create a custom template with Mention data that can be used in the future within the same client.

If you would like to create a custom template to use with the same client, you can do this by selecting “Add Dashboard” or “Add Report” in a client project. Under Oviond’s standard template tab, select “Blank Dashboard” to start a template from scratch.

Once you are done creating your Mention template, select “Save As Template” to create a new custom template. To access your custom template you can select the “Custom Template” tab under “Add Report” or “Add Dashboards”.

A screenshot of Oviond template library.

Ready to get started with Mention on Oviond?

If you still have some questions about Mention, please reach out to our support team.

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