Klaviyo & Oviond: The Future Of Email Marketing Reporting

There are various tools available to help e-commerce brands monitor, measure and report on the performance of their email campaigns. That is why we here at Oviond have partnered with one of these great tools...Klaviyo!

Email marketing has become a crucial aspect of an e-commerce brand’s digital marketing strategy. Email marketing has enabled brands to leverage one-on-one communication with a client without having to depend on social media channels and search engine rankings.

In the fast paced environment of digital marketing, it is important for brands to understand the benefits that come with an effective email marketing campaign. Using a email marketing platform is not only cost effective but it can also help you increase your conversion rate through one-on-one customer communication and email personalisation, increase your return on investment (ROI) as it is a relatively cheap way of engaging with customers and lastly it provides you with measurable results that can help you effectively identify problem areas in your strategy and help you spot improvements in your campaigns.

There are various tools available to help e-commerce brands monitor, measure and report on the performance of their email campaigns. That is why we here at Oviond have partnered with one of these great tools to ensure you can report on all aspects of your digital marketing efforts in a single place.


What Is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is an email marketing automation platform specifically designed for e-commerce brands and online businesses.

Klaviyo Main Features

Now that you know a little bit more Klaviyo, let’s dive deeper into the key features that make Klaviyo a powerful email marketing software.

1. Powerful Segmentations: Segmentation is key in digital marketing as it helps companies become more efficient with their money, time and any other valuable resource. Segmenting clients into separate groups helps companies tailor their marketing campaigns more efficiently.

With Klaviyos powerful segmentation feature you can segment contacts based on more than just basic targeting and rather, segment them by things like products purchased, specific website behaviour, specific behaviours during a specific time frame, custom attributions and much more.

If you think that managing all these segments sounds very time consuming, think again! All Klaviyo segments are dynamic which means that any time there is a change to a list, your segments will update automatically.

You can even take it a step further and add conditions to your segments to ensure you are only targeting emails who you truly want to communicate with.

Screenshot of lists and segments of Klaviyo platform.

Lastly, through Klaviyo integrations you can seamlessly integrate with Facebook to import your segments as a custom audience for effortless cross-channel marketing campaigns.

2. Automations: With Klaviyo you can create consistent one-on-one communications with your clients through marketing automations.

With a simple and intuitive drag and drop builder, you can create a visual representation of your ideal customer experience. Trigger your automations by specifying the custom events that will determine what contacts belong in the automated sequence of emails. Each email sequence can have a series of splits and branches to ensure you are sending your contacts through the right email sequence.

Different to many other email marketing tools, with Klaviyo you can even A/B test your sequence of emails to optimise your email campaigns. You can select to test things like your subject line,email content, the times the emails get sent and much more.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the endless possibilities of email sequencing and automations, you can start by using one of their pre-built email flows and grow on that! The basic templates included are: welcome emails, abandon cart emails, automated win-back emails and browser abandonment emails.

3. Templates: Templates are key for any brand that feels overwhelmed on a new platform and the truth is that a nice design can increase your customer engagement.

Don’t waste time trying to put together the perfect design, make use of Klaviyo’s templates library! With 30+ templates to pick from, you can kick start your email campaign in no time.

Screenshot of Klaviyo's template section.

The best part is that all images included in the templates are open licensed, which means if you love the overall design, the images are free for use.

Lastly, all Klaviyo templates are fully customizable which means you are able to clone a core layout of a template and re-use it with ease.

4. All inclusive: Klaviyo’s pricing and plans are nothing but fair! With Klaviyo you only pay for the number of contacts you have included in the account. Regardless of the plan you are all, all plans include all features at no additional cost.

If you are not ready to take the plunge just yet, Klaviyo offers a free account with up to 250 contacts and 500 emails, including newsletters. The free account also includes all features so you are able to experience the platform to its full potential.

Klaviyo And Oviond

Connecting your Klaviyo account to Oviond will enable you to report on the overall performance of your clients email campaigns. You can report on metrics like: contacts subscribed to a list, number of emails clicked, number of emails opened, sent SMS, contacts that have unsubscribed from SMS, and much more.

Learn more about how to integrate your Klaviyo account to Oviond!

It’s Never To Late!

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