Megalytic And Oviond: Stacking Up The Software

When it comes to one’s dashboarding and reporting capabilities, Megalytic ticks the boxes and meets the standards of most marketing professionals.

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When it comes to one’s dashboarding and reporting capabilities, Megalytic ticks the boxes and meets the standards of most marketing professionals.

Megalytic overview

Megalytic is a client reporting and dashboarding tool aimed mostly at digital marketing agencies and website hosting companies, offering premium automated reporting at a highly competitive rate. The software offers everything one requires to create marketing reports and present user data in a simple, visual format, with the ability to schedule reports for monthly, weekly and daily delivery directly to a client’s email as either a link or PDF. These reports are built using predefined templates, which can then be customized at a mostly aesthetic level, like changing the theme (colors) of the report and basic white labelling that allows for the adjustment of logos, colors, and fonts etc. The data used in the reports updates automatically and doesn’t need to be refreshed each time it is sent to the client. One is also able to add filters when creating widgets for reports, to include or exclude data – making for a fairly holistic reporting experience.

The software is also well priced, ranging from $39.99 to $399.98 a month, with a 14-day free trail for users to give it a test drive before buying.That being said, we did find the tool to be fairly limited in a number of areas. Reports are limited to SEO, PPC, email, social, ecommerce and content, and doesn’t accommodate custom reporting on other metrics, which was something we require in our daily operations. There are also limited integrations, catering only for the standard data sources such as Google Analytics, Adwords, Bing Ads, Search Console, Facebook Pages, Facebook Ads and a few others, although one is able to upload CSV data or pull data from Google Sheets.

Furthermore, we found the software to be fairly complex, making it difficult as a first-time user to just jump right in, and requiring online training in certain cases– a time-consuming exercise that we believe shouldn’t be necessary for intuitive reporting software.

Oviond overview

Oviond brings dashboarding and reporting to life, offering a platform that is simple and intuitive to use and navigate, using the convenient side bar.The software allows for unlimited integrations that cater for any data source, and are simple to set up, requiring just a once-off authentication per integration. Additionally, once an integration is added, Oviond automatically sets up a new demo dashboard for it, saving time and highlighting the possibilities therein.

Oviond has all the standard features one would expect, such as individual dashboards and reports, preset and entirely customizable templates and widgets across dashboards and reports, automated reporting and scheduling, a spend tracker for monitoring of costs, KPIs and goals, and white labelling that flows throughout the platform. However, the software goes even further with range of client-specific project customization options that include individual client template reports, custom currency settings per client, custom client branding and so on.

Everything on the platform is simple and intuitive, from navigating features to adding integrations and setting up dashboard or reports, meaning even first-time users can get started straight away, creating beautiful reports in minutes. However, should one ever encounter any issues on the Oviond platform there is full online help and support, and one has access to a client portal through which feedback can be given and suggestions made to improve any aspects of the product, app, integrations and/or reporting.Oviond also offers some of the most competitive pricing on the market, ranging from just $39 – $399 per month, giving marketers and businesses of all sizes the power to take full control of their reporting.