Migrating from Excel to Oviond

Adopting a new reporting software can be difficult and stressful, but not at Oviond! If you're looking to upgrade your reporting from Excel to a fully flushed out reporting platform then you’ve come to the right place!

When starting your first digital marketing agency, you will come to the realization that you need an effective way to deliver reports to your clients that combine data from various data sources. A natural reaction is to use a widely accessible spreadsheet tool like Google Sheets or Excel as they are possibly already in your daily workflow and are familiar products, and in the case of Google Sheets, it’s free!

The next big realization new digital marketing agencies have after deciding to use a spreadsheet tool for reporting is that spreadsheet tools are incredibly tedious to compile reports on!

This is where Oviond steps in…

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Why Adopt A Digital Marketing Reporting Tool?

As mentioned above, compiling reports from multiple data sources such as Facebook, Google Analytics, YouTube and Serpstat on Excel and Google Sheets can be a good short-term solution while you are still building up your client base and MRR. These quickly become tiresome, tedious and time-consuming and are not a good combination for an agency that is looking to prioritize marketing and support for their clients.

Migration Push Factors – Spreadsheet Pain Points

As many of our own team has experience in digital marketing reporting for clients, here are some of the things we disliked about using a spreadsheet tool for reporting:

  • Time-Consuming – Entering each metric manually takes up valuable time that could rather be spent on building your business.
  • High Margin For Error – Typos are an easy error when everything is done manually. Especially once you are tired and bored!
  • Not Engaging For Clients – In order to best speak to your clients through reports, it is best to use numbers, graphs and text insights in one cohesive flow to complement one another. Not so easy to do on a spreadsheet.
  • Boring – Speaks for itself! Typing in individual values for all KPI’s is the ultimate bore.
  • Extremely Manual – if you are looking to frequently update your clients on crucial KPI’s you will need to manually update and send reports on frequent time intervals.
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Migration Pull Factors – Oviond Benefits

Now in the same breath, here are some of the things our team has loved about using a real digital marketing reporting tool like Oviond:

  • Fast – Updating your report can be as easy as clicking the refresh button. No need to manually enter in values for all your metrics!
  • Data Visualization – Oviond makes use of beautiful charts, tables and scorecards used to display your data from all your connected data sources. Sure to wow your client!
  • Automation – Our automation feature on reports allows you to take a completely hands-off approach in updating and delivering your reports to clients.
  • Templates – Our comprehensive template library allows you to create a beautiful report filled with data specific to your needs at the click of a button.

How to Migrate

Turning your back on the workflow you are used to can be incredibly difficult and even a little scary, but no need to worry because Oviond makes it as easy as can be to switch to a more powerful reporting tool.

So let’s look at how to start with Oviond:

  1. Oviond Trial – We offer a fully unlocked 15 day free trial that gives you access to all of our coveted features, so you can get a proper idea of what your experience on Oviond in a paid plan would look like. Plus if you choose to upgrade your account, you will already be set up from the trial and will not need to recreate any of the incredible Dashboards or Reports on your account! You can start your free trial on Oviond by signing up here: Signup
  2. Connect Up Your Data Sources – Oviond has a large range of integrations available, and they can each be setup in less than a minute! Take a look at how to connect an integration here: How To Add An Integration
  3. Select a Dashboard or Report template – At Oviond we want the process of seeing your data in a Dashboard or Report to be as easy as possible, and that is why we have created a comprehensive template library filled with beautiful widgets just for you! If you would like to see exactly how to add a Dashboard or Report via a template on Oviond, take a look here: How To Use A Template
  4. Share! – This is the best part! Now that you can see all of your data from multiple data sources in one beautiful and insightful Dashboard or Report, it is time for you to share it with your clients or colleagues, and really leave them wowed! Both Dashboards and Reports can be shared via URL link or via email, and with our Reports you can also generate a PDF too.

If this process still sounds a little complicated to you, we have a short article that will explain the step-by-step process in detail on how to get started with your Oviond account. Take a look at it here: The Oviond Get Started Process

Last Notes

I understand that even with the push and pull factors identified, and the simple process of migrating to Oviond highlighted, it still might be difficult to leave what you are used to.

So if you are feeling like you would like to hold onto your spreadsheets for a little longer but still make use of all the great features Oviond has to offer, we have got a great deal for you in our Google Sheets Integration!

This means you’ll be able to import all of your existing spreadsheets into an Oviond Dashboard or Report that can then be visualized in beautiful tables and charts, automated and shared.

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We hope you are as excited about what Oviond can do as we are, and hope to see you try us out with a free trial or one of our paid plans soon!

Oh and did we mention that we have an incredible customer success team ready to answer any questions you may have? Test that out by sending us a message to [email protected]. Over and above that, we are more than happy to help you with the migration process if need be.

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