ReportGarden And Oviond: Stacking Up The Software

The contemporary marketing agency has a wealth of data at its disposal. When it comes to reporting and presenting this data to the client, there are numerous other considerations and value-adds that extend further.

The contemporary marketing agency has a wealth of data at its disposal. Whereas previous generations relied on consumer research surveys and individual feedback to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, the abundance of nuanced data collected at every consumer touchpoint now eliminates any uncertainty over the raw performance data of campaigns. The numbers simply don’t lie. But when it comes to reporting and presenting this data to the client, there are numerous other considerations and value-adds that extend further than simply representing the raw data. Agencies need to go above and beyond, and ReportGarden is one of the reporting tools that make this possible on many levels.

ReportGarden Overview

ReportGarden is essentially a full suite, premium reporting and dashboarding software that offers most of the features that marketers require, as well as a host of value-added tools to provide a truly holistic marketing platform. The platform itself is well-structured, intuitive, and user-friendly, making it fairly straightforward for a user to jump right in and start creating reports. In addition to the standard line-up of reporting and dashboard features one would expect (Pre-set and custom report and dashboard templates and drag-and-drop widgets, customization and white labeling, automated reports, and scheduling, and so on), there are some powerful extras that genuinely enhance the workflow of an agency. These include an SEO tool for keyword tracking, website audits and backlink analysis, automated invoice management for tracking ad spend, budget tracking and alerts, and more. Add to this customized project proposals for clients, powerful always-on support, and a useful client portal, and ReportGarden stacks up as one of the most complete reporting suites on offer.


However, we did notice a few shortcomings worth mentioning. ReportGarden is a premium service aimed predominantly at agencies. Their pricing reflects this, ranging from $89 – $649 which can be unaffordable for many smaller clients. Furthermore, the cheapest plan only allows for basic Google and social media integrations, which we found to be rather limiting. Even on the more expensive packages integrations are limited and one is required to request further specific integrations by filling out a survey. ReportGarden also splits reports so that there is no option to have multiple integrations on one report, and one does not have the option of allocating each client to its own folder with its own integrations.

Oviond Overview

Oviond is reporting and dashboard software that unlocks the power of marketing data for everyone, from the individual level, to agencies and large-scale enterprises, with a seamless, simple and intuitive, yet powerful platform. Oviond is a premium service that caters to a broad scope of clients, ranging from $99 – $299 per month. Furthermore, Oviond offers unlimited integrations at all pricing levels, with these integrations being highly intuitive and easy to set up, requiring once-off authorization per integration. Taking it even further, Oviond’s software automatically generates a demo dashboard for each new integration upon setup, to highlight what is possible for the user.

Oviond-Dashboard-Example.jpg-2048x1004 (1).png

Oviond offers the full spectrum of reporting and dashboard features one expects, including automated reporting and scheduling, monitoring of costs, KPIs and goals, and so forth. There are also powerful customization options across dashboards and reports, from white labeling, custom and preset widgets and templates, and the ability to add images and comments to reports, to client-specific project customization that includes individual client template reports, custom currency settings per client, custom client branding and much more.

The entire experience of navigating and utilizing the Oviond platform is simple and intuitive, with access to every feature on the handy sidebar. And, should you ever need help with anything on the platform, Oviond has full online help and support. Users can even help improve the Oviond experience through a feedback portal for suggestions about the product, app, integrations, and reporting – which works on an upvote/downvote system. Offering a complete, holistic service at pricing that doesn’t exclude any client category, Oviond’s reporting and dashboard software make powerful reporting a simple process for any marketing professional.

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