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Software Advice Frontrunners for Dashboard Jan-22
  • Scott Regan
    Lead Works

    Oviond eliminated one of my biggest headaches, which was having to cobble together and send to clients various reports and dashboards from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and a host of other data sources. Now our clients have 24-hour access to real-time dashboards that contain the results of our digital marketing activities in beautifully laid out widgets. Creating dashboards for new clients is a breeze and literally takes a couple of minutes, I've tried similar services but always abandoned them because they were severely lacking one or more must-have features. In Oviond, I found a dashboard solution that included all the features and benefits needed by a digital marketing agency.

  • Maxine Bolt
    Famous Media

    We have been using the Oviond platform since it launched and it has been a value-add to our business and clients. We are easily able to pull data from various digital platforms and consolidate the data into one concise report, that is clearly laid out with visually appealing graphics. This makes it easy for our clients to review and understand what's going on with their digital marketing activities. We love that we can share the reports in different ways and that it is so easy to share reports with clients. The team at Oviond have been very helpful in applying feedback regarding feature requests and updates, and have continued to improve the tool every year. This is our reporting tool of choice!

  • Shannon Rosenburg
    Eighty6 Marketing

    We needed our clients to simply understand our service deliverables and we needed a way to quickly create reports. Oviond ticked all the boxes. We signed up 2 years ago. We are still very pleased with their service and the platform. The platform is very simple to onboard new clients including setting up tokens/integrations. Our reports are always on time and on-demand. Thanks to the team and their amazing support. They have certainly helped us grow our business.

  • Warren Anderson
    AOM Digital

    As a growing digital marketing and communications agency our biggest challenge was to find a streamlined method of getting our clients various platforms reported on in a unified and easy to understand format - the Oviond team came to the rescue and has been able to customise our reports to suit our ever-changing needs. The level of service and assistance we have received over the past few years has been nothing short of amazing and, while the system itself id incredibly easy to use, we are able to ask for help and get it in a fast and professional manner.

  • Paul Thompson

    I’m really loving Oviond, great quality tool for the automation of client reports. Makes every monthly Skype meeting worthwhile. Assists with a focussed discussion about our results and really helps show the effectiveness of our strategies. Makes my life easy 👍👍

  • Steve Mcnally
    Mean Business

    Oviond removes repetitive work and puts Fit & Finish on reports and live dashboards within and across your social and marketing channels. If you track organic and paid activities for clients or colleagues on IG, Fb, twtr, or 20+ others, Oviond's account management across services and profiles is quick return on investment. Their templates for live and canned reports are good starters for more. Options for copying and configuring your own templates and data widgets are good for exploration. I've been on a paid plan since March, got value from quick wins, and dove deeper into integrations, live reporting, and account team tools. Oviond has released multiple product updates during the same period. I'd like to see more documentation, more underlying data with less Fit & Finish, and access to developer features Oviond has on their roadmap. I have more to make use of in the meantime.

  • Jay Vics
    JVI Mobile Marketing

    This reporting tool is better than just about anything else I've seen and for a better price. I've used other tools, but this one seems to be the easiest and most intuitive. I am ready to take it to the next level, so I am going to get a hands-on session with one of their team members to learn a few new tricks as well!

  • Janeiro Blackmon

    I have only scratched the surface of this powerhouse tool. It is very simple to get started but I'm still learning how to get the most out of it. I love the expandability of the Oviond dashboards and reports. I am curious about the funnels section but have not played with this section yet. The integrations are useful and I love being able to customize and brand the dashboards with images etc. I was able to piece together the analytics from multiple tools in one place by adding images. I still wish I could embed iFrames onto the dashboards for more flexibility but I have been praised for the polished professionalism and transparency after delivering reports, summaries and status updates using the Oviond dashboards. I am glad I went all in on this!

  • Emanuel Salonico

    Great product!! Super cool data visualization tool, simple to use yet powerful!

  • Martial Volt

    Oviond may be the only app I am using every day. It provides amazing dashboards and shareable with non techie clients/co-workers. The platform is intuitive and flexible. Monise from the support team is really amazing and assisted me in my many dumb questions.

  • Andrew Pothecary
    Forest Nation

    This is a great product and makes combining multiple reports from many different systems really easy. Keep up to good work!

  • Anil Primlall
    Anil Primlall Consulting

    There are so many different reporting tool but this one takes the cake for simplicity and use. Oviond pulls in data from all of the right places and has very easy to configure widgets and customizable dashboards and reports. If you spend an hour setting up all of the KPIs that you need and your client needs, you will get back a few hours each month.

  • Jim Tobin
    Ignite Social Media

    Very good value, particularly for agencies. I've used several of these tools over the last decade. None of them provides insights that are actionable. That still takes a human with some understanding of the industry, the climate, etc. But in terms of organizing data from multiple sources and having the flexibility to arrange it, this is excellent. And the price is ridiculously good.

  • Zach Norton

    Stellar Customer Support and Easy Navigation Today I spoke with Monise from Oviond and was very happy with my experience. She started by asking me what my issue or questions were and wanted to address them first. Question: As an account manager, who oversees multiple brands and their social media channels, how do I share all of the information at a high level to the executives at my company? Answer: Dashboards! Create easy dashboards that can be shared with them. They will have a high-level view of what's going on without getting stuck in the weeds. She continued by adding information about drilling down more in the report section of your client. After my specific needs were met, she happily went over the entirety of Oviond, allowing for questions as we went along which was incredibly helpful. Overall my experience was great and I am confident that this product will exceed my, as well as my company's, expectations regarding data collection. Thank you again for your help!

  • Péter dávid S.
    Review From Capterra

    Oviond, the all-in-one marketing reporting and dashboard tool. Pros: - It is very easy to use and set up. - The minimalist style helps to see through the data with ease. - There are a lot of integrations which makes it super easy to stay up to date with all your data and make decisions. Cons: - I cannot change the language of my widgets even though I am using Google Ads in Hungarian, therefore, the majority of my clients does not understand the reports or the dashboards that I want to share with them. - I would love to be able to customize my reports more with building blocks or just sizing my widgets the way I want.

  • Đỗ H
    Review From Capterra

    The best software for viewing/analytic data for all. Overall I think Oviond is worth it and everyone should use it. With an intuitive interface, easy to use, easy to integrate with 3rd parties. Drag and drop data simply. I consider Oviond to be one of the best data analysis applications on the market. Although they are a fledgling app, I believe they will break out more and create more powerful value for their customers. I got to know Oviond through Appsumo and the first experience when I tried it was that it was intuitive and easy to use. This is the data analysis software that I feel is the easiest to install in the market compared to other similar software. It only took me about 10 minutes for more than 10 integrated data from 3rd parties to attach it to Oviond. And it takes another 5 minutes to create dashboards that aggregate data as quickly as possible. I appreciate the easy use of Oviond. They have built-in dashboard templates that include many profiles like Website Traffic, Sale Data, SEO Data, Ads Data etc. We can choose a quick profile and start viewing our data immediately unlike the steps complex setup of Google Data Studio. Also can classify different projects with different data sources to view. We can separate data and reports so we can automatically send them to our customers / superiors without fear of confusion. What I like is that they have the Cname function to change their own domain and use it to send public reports, customers can view this data realtime without having to access the dashboard. Oviond can do its reporting well, but there are a few things I think it needs to fix to make it better. Regarding current data only syns can be manually. That is, every time you go to a dashboard the first thing you need to do is click the syns data button, you have new data, otherwise it will only have the old data. I wish I could set up this automatic syns data (1 day / time, 2 hour / time or 5 minutes / time etc.) If the data can be automatically in the Funnel function, it will be perfect. The lack of a mobile app is also a weakness (I have yet to see it appear in their roadmap). A full web page to view the data is time consuming. If you are working on an e-commerce website (woocommerce), the parameters of ecommerce are also incomplete and in-depth. It only includes Total order, Net sale, Gross sale only that. We cannot see further analysis like Metorik or Putler. This is similar to the integration of Drip.com. I think they need more data widgets for each individual integration. The integrated tools are also quite full of big faces, but I still hope they will be able to have more integrations, such as Paypal, 2checkout, ahref, facebook analystic etc.

  • Valentina C.
    Review From Capterra

    Great tool, looking forward for more widgets. Pros: The easy setup, the design and the available options. I had an issue and the support helped me fast. In general is a great tool we use nearly every day. Cons: So Far I'm happy with the options, I just hope the growth continues!

  • Amy W.
    Review From Capterra

    Great product, great support. Amazing customer support and service. They are there to help and get things figured out even if that requires jumping on a call. Pros: Accurate data. Integrations are helpful. Customizable widgets are great. Cons: Sometimes the widgets de-arrange themselves, so you have to manually rearrange them to get them back to where you want them when printing a report.

  • Stefano P.
    Review From Capterra

    Great product for the price. Pros: Easy solution to have an entire view from different sources. I use it for e-commerce ads and understand the audience Cons: No tutorial (you have to book an hour of an onboarding video call). Not possible to replicate the saved dashboard to other projects like fb ads. You can't edit these widgets once you apply the saved dashboard, so you have to delete the widget and create it again.

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