Swydo And Oviond: Stacking Up The Software

Reporting is a crucial consideration for the modern marketer. When it comes to the digital space, data is available in abundance, and access to such rich data is driving efficiency, effectiveness, and excellence like never before

Swydo Overview

Swydo reporting software is essentially an online reporting tool designed to simplify the creation of PPC, social and analytic marketing reports, and it does this rather well. The platform allows for unlimited integrations with the majority of first-party data sources such as Google AdWords and Analytics, LinkedIn, Facebook insights, and so on, although third-party integration is not supported. Swydo uses templates and pre-built widgets to create comprehensive reports with a considerable level of report customization. However, we found that the interface itself can be somewhat difficult to navigate and widgets cannot be resized or moved around in templates, which limited the way in which we were able to structure and present reports.


There are some powerful reporting features at one’s disposal with Swydo, such as automatic scheduling and sending of reports, white labeling, and monitoring of costs, KPIs, and goals. Swydo does not have the dashboarding capability, however, which, in our experience, can limit the locus of control and customization on a client-to-client basis. Swydo is aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, digital agencies, and organizations utilizing in-house marketing, and their workflow feature is an added bonus that facilitates effective management of team calendars, project templates, recurring tasks, time tracking, etc. It is worth noting that, as subscription service starting at $75 a month at the lowest pricing bracket, some smaller agencies and/or freelancers may not be able to afford this. They offer a flexible pricing structure that changes according to how many data sources you need to connect, starting at $39 per month for 10 data sources.

Oviond Overview

A key consideration for one’s reporting software is the level of insight and control that allows the marketing professional to truly leverage the power of their data. Oviond gives the end-user full access to a range of powerful reporting, monitoring, and analysis tools to not only represent the data clients want to see in an intuitive, visual format but to really derive actionable insights and value for them.


Oviond separates the reporting and dashboarding aspects of the platform, making both fully customizable according to each client’s unique requirements. The platform offers all of the key reporting features that one would expect: unlimited easy integrations, automated reporting, monitoring of costs, KPIs and goals, and white labeling. There are also numerous other advantages and customization options available: from the ability to create automatic dashboards and custom widgets to a full suite of client-specific functions (individual client template reports, custom currency settings per client, custom client branding, and more), facilitating a level of control over individual clients’ projects that takes reporting to a whole new level.

Navigating the Oviond platform is simple and intuitive, with access to every feature on the handy sidebar, and setting up projects and adding integrations is seamless, saving time when dealing with numerous clients or projects. Furthermore, Oviond’s online help and support are of the highest standard, and there’s even a portal through which users can suggest changes and additions improve the service and their individual experience therein. Additionally, Oviond is suitable for entities of any size or type. With pricing that ranges from just $49 and powerful features that scale up with one’s needs, Oviond’s offering more than meets the requirements of any marketing professional and allows for powerful, purposeful reporting.

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