Digital Marketing Reporting For Marketing Teams

Oviond is geared towards collaborative digital marketing efforts so there could not be a better fit for a marketing team reporting tool!

Why Use Oviond If You Are A Marketing Team?

Digital marketing has become one of the most important aspects of any industry worldwide, and with that marketing teams are growing so it is just as important that you use a reporting tool that offers the functionality you need such as agency-level tools, advanced sharing options, a flushed out team member feature and a whole range of integrations!

Available Features

Here are three key features on Oviond for marketing teams

Team Collaboration

Invite team members to collaborate on your account under different permission levels so you can manage workloads and set task ownership.

Folder Management

Stay organized and group clients under separate folders so your team can work efficiently. Group your clients by industry, account manager and more!

Comprehensive Help Centre

Save time and let your team use our comprehensive help centre - fully kitted out with step by step guides and videos on how to use Oviond!

Available Templates

Oviond offers a wide variety of pre-built templates

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