What Are Lead Magnets And How To Use Them?

As digital marketers, obtaining contact information from prospective clients can often be a challenging task. So how do you add prospective clients to your database then? A Lead Magnet is the solution you are looking for!

As digital marketers, obtaining contact information from prospective clients can often be a challenging task. The fear of receiving numerous spam emails has left many clients reluctant to hand out their contact information to a business they do not yet trust.

So how do you go about adding prospective clients to your database then? A Lead Magnet is the solution you are looking for!

What Are Lead Magnets?

Lead Magnets are a free resource that allows marketers to barter with visitors of their website, in order to obtain their email address (or other contact information). The aim of engaging in this form of trading is to earn the user’s permission to add them to an email list, where they can be sent promotional content using gentle sales techniques to nurture the prospective client. ‍ Therefore, Lead Magnets are offered as an item of value to trade with the visitor, in return for their contact information.

How Are Lead Magnets Used?

There is an endless list of Lead Magnet techniques that can be used, each unique to the specific industry and context the marketer operates in. In order for a Lead Magnet to be successful, it needs to be an attractive offer to the website visitor so that providing their contact information is an easy trade.


Offering a website visitor a trial period to test out software or a service, is a great way to get customers intrigued by a marketer’s a product/service offering. In order for a prospective client to test out the software or service, they will need to sign up for the trial with their email address.



E-books and articles are a very popular Lead Magnet in digital marketing. An E-book or article can be made available to a website visitor via a download link, once they have signed up with their email address. This form of Lead Magnet will often be advertised as a pop-up on a website or through email marketing.


Discount/Promo code

Advertising a discount on a website to a visitor on their next purchase is a great way to incentivize prospective clients to sign up with their contact details. Once an email address has been provided by the website visitor, the discount code is most commonly sent to the email address they provided, to be used in the product checkout page of the marketer’s website.


A free sweepstake type competition that encourages a large number of participants to provide their email address to enter the competition is a good way for a marketer to populate their mailing list quickly, and increase their chances of converting prospects into full sales.

After viewing promotional content for the competition on the marketer’s website, the website visitor can click on an “Enter Now” button to place their provided email address in the sweepstake.


Providing contact details so that the marketer can contact the client to communicate details and/or schedule a consultation, is a common practice in service-type companies. This type of Lead Magnet allows for the first contact point between marketer and client to be established.

Quote/Price Estimate

A business that focuses on sales of detailed and customizable product/service orders can make use of a Quote/Price Estimate Lead Magnet. Prospective clients will enter their required order in a text box with their email address, often in combination with their phone number, on the marketer’s website. The marketer then has time to draft the client’s order on an invoice which will be sent to the email address provided.

PDF Resources

This form of Lead Magnet can appear as walkthrough style tutorials, blogs in pdf form, catalogs, and information brochures. As is the case with most Lead Magnets, an email sign-up is required to access the content, which will then produce a download link containing the relevant PDF resources.


Video Courses

A sign-up for a free subscription for a video course is a way that marketers can use the intrigue of their video resources, to convince the website visitor to provide their email address. Once an address has been provided, a link to access the courses will be sent via email.


Master Lead Magnets

Now that you know all about Lead Magnets and how to apply them in your business, it’s time to test them out and start populating that email list full of prospective clients!

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