What Is A Digital Marketing Report?

Digital Marketing Reports have become a staple for any digital marketer to monitor online performance and share important performance data with their clients. Take a look at this blog to find out the importance of reports!

Digital Marketing Dashboards have long been a favored tool of digital marketers to display and analyze all the key performance metrics for their digital marketing efforts. To compliment marketing dashboards, Oviond offers Digital Marketing Reports that are now an essential breakdown of your KPIs for your clients in a neat formal document.

Why Do You Need A Digital Marketing Report?

Presenting crucial digital marketing data to clients is one of the most important parts of the job in digital marketing, therefore having the correct tools to display this data in a structured, ordered and formal fashion are beyond important. That is where Digital Marketing Reports come in. Digital Marketing Reports are the perfect tool for sharing periodic information with your clients to give them consistent and neat updates on the performance of all digital marketing efforts. Oviond’s Report Automation feature makes this pretty easy too!

Including important client data such as trends over time as well as current key performance indicators are invaluable to digital marketers in 2021 and onwards. The ability to fill a report with comprehensive and detailed information through data widgets that paints a full picture on the performance of your digital marketing efforts is crucial to your success in digital marketing.

A couple reasons why you need to be making use of Digital marketing Reports include:

  • Collating all digital marketing data from multiple sources into one comprehensive report
  • Create an informative document that can be easily understood and shared between teams and clients
  • Track the performance of key marketing metrics against predetermined targets

Any freelancer, digital marketing agency, brand or company that is doing any form of digital marketing needs a tool to monitor and evaluate their digital marketing efforts so that opportunities to increase reach or conversions, or manage spend more efficiently can be done in a convenient and effective manner. A Digital Marketing Report is just the tool to facilitate this process as the customizable layout of detailed information from multiple data sources fits perfectly into the core function of a Digital Marketing Report.

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Digital Marketing Report Structure

Oviond’s Digital Marketing Reports are displayed in a portrait A4 format with the cover page serving as fields to include the report title, date range and producing agency.

Because Digital Marketing Reports are often separated by pages, it is easy to include a summary page that displays the most important key performance metrics from the information provided in the report. This may take the form of a page filled with scorecard type widgets that make it easy to get a grasp of the performance of the client at a glance.

The body of the Digital Marketing Report should be broken down into important sections of the report such as different data sources like Facebook and Google Analytics in blended data reports, different campaigns or whichever performance category is appropriate for your digital marketing efforts. The ability to separate sections by different pages makes this incredibly intuitive and neat.

Within the body of the report, a granular and comprehensive exploration of the performance data will be displayed in the form of data widgets and text for further insight and explanation to the viewer. With Oviond, widgets do appear smaller in Digital Marketing Reports than they do in their Digital Marketing Dashboard counterpart because of the portrait format of the reports, and a focus on producing a neat and uniform document. Ultimately, the maximum size a widget in Oviond’s Digital marketing Report feature can be is the width and height of a portrait A4 page.

The conclusion of the report is the perfect opportunity for you to give final thoughts on the data displayed in the report, and give insights into trends and draw suggestions on improvements that can be made. The conclusion is usually filled by a thank you page if necessary.

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Elements That Make A Report On Oviond


Oviond has a Report Automation feature that allows you to select a frequency that you would like your Digital Marketing Report to automatically update and pull the latest data to your widgets, and then share the report to a connected email address or multiple email addresses. Oviond offers automation settings for Daily, Weekly and Monthly scheduled Marketing Reports.

A4 Layout

Using a portrait format in reports has a few main benefits; firstly, reports appear more formal than Digital Marketing Dashboards and therefore are a more natural option for periodic client reporting. Secondly, A4 layouts allow Oviond to create sections in the Marketing Report using pages that can each be named according to the content of that section. And lastly, it makes it very easy to create a neat PDF download of the Digital Marketing Report so that it can easily be shared across any channel with your clients, or stored for future reference.

Cover Page

It is easy to customize your Cover Page in order to effectively brand your marketing report with your company’s branding elements and display the title of the report.


Generate a PDF of your Digital Marketing Report in order to archive reports effectively and have your report ready to be easily shared across any channel. It is easy to generate a Digital Marketing Report PDF in Oviond.


Digital Marketing Reports are best suited for Monthly, Yearly and Quarterly reporting in order to show your clients progression over a longer period of time that can then be organized through separate pages within the report.

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Get Started With Marketing Reporting Today!

Oviond comes pre-included with many Digital Marketing Report templates that make it easier than ever to set up an impressive and comprehensive report for your clients. That, paired with our automation feature, means that creating and sharing Digital Marketing Reports can be done with only a few clicks, and you can save time on reporting that may have otherwise taken hours.

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