Inbound Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing

Many assume that inbound marketing and digital marketing can be used interchangeably, however they are both two very distinct methods. Let us break this down for you.

In short, inbound marketing is a specific methodology while digital marketing is any marketing that is done through a digital medium. Knowing the difference between the two will be the key aspect to creating and incorporating new marketing ideas and strategies.

Although these two terms might seem very confusing to you, they are actually very simple and complement each other. Still, confused? No worries, let us break it down for you.

Inbound Marketing

As briefly mentioned above inbound marketing is a type of methodology, focused on a strategy that outlines precise steps and best practices. Based on a way of attracting and converting consumers organically, inbound marketing is fuelled by personalization, helping marketers understand how to deliver the message to their consumers in the most effective manner.

All the elements within the strategy need to be aligned in order to create consumer-driven content and campaigns. This will help naturally push the consumer down the buyer’s funnel and bring them one step closer to your objective. The more likely you are to generate high-quality conversions, the more qualified lead traffic you will be attracting to your website.

As inbound marketing is a more strategic approach focused on generating consistent and reliable long-term results it is made up of various components, including marketing tactics.

In summary, inbound marketing is a strategy-based approach looking at increasing leads and traffic to your website by producing interest-related and persona-based content.

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Digital Marketing

Now let’s shift the focus to digital marketing. Digital marketing is the umbrella term used for any form of marketing done online, but this does not entail a strategy. It refers to a compilation of short-term tactics a business can use to reach its consumers. Examples of this would be social media campaigns, PPC campaigns (Pay-Per-Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts.

Digital marketing can be seen as a component of inbound marketing as it offers the tools companies can use to complement the overall marketing strategy by increasing traffic, brand recognition and overall online awareness.

In summary, digital marketing tactics are important to help companies connect with their consumers and build trust. Branding does not exist without trust and good consumer-specific content.

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Which One Is The Right One For You?

Now that you have a better understanding of the differences presented in these two terms and how they can be used to complement each other. You should now be asking yourself which one is right for me? Well, this all depends on your goals!


If your goal is to focus on generating qualified leads for your business you should be focusing on inbound marketing. An effective inbound marketing strategy that makes use of relevant marketing tactics to create user-specific content will help your business capture good leads.

Tailored content will help you capture information about the users who have shown interest in your offering. Relevant landing pages, email campaigns, calls-to-actions, and lead magnets are all ways in which your digital marketing tactics can help you create a bulletproof strategy, focused on delivering long-term results through increased conversion rates and qualified leads.

Brand Awareness

If your goal is simply focused on increasing brand awareness, digital marketing tactics are the answer! By boosting posts and creating interactive and relevant content you can increase your reach and website traffic. The key here is to remember to be specific! The content should be tailored towards your customers’ pain points and interests. The more relevant information your customers see the more brand awareness and credibility will be built.

Don’t forget you always want to be at the top of your mind, so consistency also plays a role in credibility. The results here will be limited as the techniques are limited to its initiatives. Running a Facebook campaign based on engagement will get you more engagement. Similarly, running ads will get you more website traffic, but that is about it! These measures will not be sustainable in the long run and would require to be part of a bigger strategy.

Whether you choose to focus on stand-alone tactics or would like to focus on stable and reliable long-term results will depend on your overall goals. For short-term branding growth, digital marketing is your best bet with minimal direction to follow. However, to nurture meaningful growth, higher conversion rate, and better leads, inbound marketing is the way to guarantee substantial results in the long run.

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Master Your Digital Marketing

Don’t stop here! Now that you have learned all about inbound and digital marketing why not take your marketing to the next level?

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