Introducing Facebook Ads to Oviond

Facebook Ads expands on Facebook's social media platform by allowing users to make use of boosting in order to create ads that can expand on reach and engagement from users in the form of paid ads. Take a look to see how Facebook Ads works on Oviond.

Facebook Ads expands on Facebook’s social media platform by allowing users to make use of boosting in order to create ads that can expand on reach and engagement from users in the form of paid ads.

Facebook Ads provides us with information on how users interact with a boosted ad on Facebook by giving us data on engagement, post performance, PPC performance, and much more. Data from all of these report types can be visualized in dashboards and reports on Oviond.

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Connecting Facebook Ads On Oviond

Facebook Ads connects to Oviond using your Facebook account login details (email address and password). This authentication only needs to be done once per Facebook Ads account. Facebook Ads has a completely different API to Facebook, therefore, they exist as separate integrations on Oviond and authorization will need to be done for each.

We have a comprehensive help center article that will answer all questions around the authentication, permissions, and limitations for Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads on Oviond also takes into consideration the iOS 14 update from Apple that affected Facebook Ads’ attribution window settings, so you will be able to find out all there is to know about navigating attribution windows on Oviond in the article above.

Data Available On Oviond For Facebook Ads Widgets

The Facebook Ads integration has a range of metrics, data views, and breakdowns that are available when creating a widget on Oviond. You can view all the metrics, data views, and breakdowns on your Oviond account once you have successfully connected your Facebook Ads account to your client project. Facebook Ads is perfect for setting up the ultimate PPC report!

Top metrics available on Oviond for Facebook Ads:

  • Avg. CPC – Average cost for each click.
  • Avg. CTR – The ratio of ad clicks to impressions.
  • Total Impressions – The number of times your ads were on screen.
  • Total Reach – The number of people who saw your ads at least once.
  • Leads – The number of people who may be interested in your products or services.
  • Leads (Form) – The number of people who showed interest in your products or services by filling out a form.
  • Total Spend – The estimated total amount of money you’ve spent on your campaign, ad set or ad during its schedule.
  • Purchases – The number of purchase events attributed to your ads, based on information received from one or more of your connected Facebook Business Tools.

Top data view available on Oviond for Facebook Ads:

  • Account Overview
  • Campaigns
  • Ad Sets
  • Ads
  • Data Sources

Top breakdowns available on Oviond for Facebook Ads:

  • Date
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Country
  • Region
  • Device

Certain data views allow you to select a dimension such as Performance and Demographic too.

Feel free to let us know if you need any metrics, data views, breakdowns, or dimensions added for Facebook Ads on Oviond and we would be happy to look into adding these in for you.

Using Facebook Ads In Dashboards and Reports

Facebook Ads widgets can be created in dashboards and reports on Oviond and are available in many of the standard and blended templates. We have designed the widget builder to be completely intuitive, offering you the ability to report on data exactly how you would see it displayed in the Facebook Ads platform.

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Facebook Ads widgets can be added to dashboards and reports as single data widgets or blended data widgets. The data provided by Facebook Ads is an essential part of digital marketing reports for clients who are boosting Facebook posts as it provides them with an overall indication of the ad performance based on their digital marketing efforts.

Templates Available For Facebook Ads On Oviond

We have gone the extra mile when creating templates that include Facebook Ads data. You can visit the Facebook Ads integration page on our website for more information about these templates.

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If you would like to combine Facebook Ads data with other integrations in your dashboard or report, you can simply drag some of our Facebook Ads Sections into your existing templates. Learn more about adding a section to a project here.

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Ready to create your own Facebook Ads dashboards and reports now? If you still have some questions about Facebook Ads, please reach out to support.

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