Mailchimp & Oviond: An All-In-One Digital Marketing Solution

Many people assume that email marketing is no longer relevant in the social media era, however, statistics show that email marketing is the best way to manage customer retention and increase customer acquisition. That is why Oviond has partnered with a great all-in-one email marketing solution… Mailchimp!

Businesses need a way to communicate with their audience and what better way to do this than through email marketing! Many people may assume that email marketing is no longer relevant in the social media era, however, statistics show that email marketing is the best way to manage customer retention and increase customer acquisition.

With this in mind, adopting an email marketing tool is essential to help your business manage mailing lists, build a brand through custom emails and templates, and save resources by automating the process of managing email campaigns.

Not only can email marketing tools help you manage your email campaigns from top to bottom, but they also include email analytics to help you understand your audience’s behaviors as well as highlight the success of your email strategy.

There are various email marketing tools available to help brands connect with their audience, monitor, measure, and report on the performance of their campaigns. Knowing the importance of email marketing, we here at Oviond have partnered with a great all-in-one solution to ensure users can report on the performance of their digital marketing efforts from one single place!

Introducing… Mailchimp!

What Is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is an all-in-one email marketing platform that is designed to help businesses automate their email marketing campaigns. This comprehensive platform allows you to manage correspondence between affiliates, stakeholders, leads, customers, and more. Mailchimp also includes an analytics feature that allows you to track and monitor the performance of your digital marketing efforts.

Mailchimp Main Features

Now that we have highlighted what Mailchimp is, let’s take a closer look at the features that make Mailchimp an all-in-one solution:


Starting a campaign on Mailchimp is easy as you have access to their template library. Mailchimp’s template library includes pre-designed themes and layouts to help you quickly set up your email campaigns.

Their email builder is completely template-based, offering you 90 different themes and 14 different layouts to pick from. One of Mailchimp’s biggest strengths is that it also gives you the ability to fully customize email templates by coding your own design elements. Each template that you create can also be saved as a new template to the template library, giving you access to all your previous design work.

A screenshot of Mailchimp's template library.

Coding your design elements through HTML code is both simple and easy as Mailchimp provides a reference guide with tips to help you with your designs as well as code examples. Their template feature is ideal for both experienced and non-experienced brands and digital marketing agencies.


Mailchimp’s automation feature is ideal for brands and agencies that are looking to remove the manual work in their email workflows. Here’s what Mailchimp’s automation can help you with:

Autoresponder: Autoresponders are a great way to reach new and existing customers after specific events. Mailchimp’s autoresponder automation allows you to automatically contact users on their birthdays, anniversaries, around the holidays, and even when they have signed up for your newsletter or completed the desired action. This is great for building relationships with your audience as well as helping increase customer retention.

Remarketing Ads: This very impressive automation allows you to create remarketing ads for your Google Ads campaigns. Remarketing Ads automation on Mailchimp is the perfect way to get users to continue browsing your website by encouraging them to complete a purchase through incentives.

A screenshot of Mailchimp's automation feature.

Abandon Cart: Abandon Cart automation is ideal for e-commerce brands that are looking to encourage users to complete a purchase. This type of email marketing is a great way to increase revenue and ensure that no cart is going unchecked!

Feedback: Feedback automation on Mailchimp is specifically designed to help brands understand how to better a customer’s purchasing journey. By asking for reviews or even sending a survey, brands have all the information they need to adjust their strategy.

Product Recommendations: Product recommendation automation is ideal for e-commerce brands who want to upsell products to their customers. Mailchimp uses the client’s browsing history and previous purchases to recommend new products that might be of interest to the customer.


Mailchimp’s report section offers analytics related to your email marketing campaigns to help you monitor and report on your overall campaign performance.

A screenshot of Mailchimp's Reports feature.

This reports section gives you key insights into the demographics of your contact list, helping you manage and create new segments more effectively. This in turn leads to better and more targeted campaigns. Reports also offer key metrics like opens, clicks, recipients, and more, for your email marketing campaign performance.

Mailchimp & Oviond Connecting your Mailchimp account to Oviond will give you the ability to report on the performance of your email campaigns, audience, lists, audience groups, and much more!

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