The Oviond “Get Started” Process

Starting with any new software tool can be a daunting task, especially in an industry as complicated as digital marketing! That is why, at Oviond, we have worked hard in order to streamline the reporting process and make delivering insightful and beautiful reports to your clients as easy as pie!

Starting with any new software tool can be a daunting task, especially in an industry as complicated as digital marketing! That is why, at Oviond, we have worked hard in order to streamline the reporting process and make delivering insightful and beautiful reports to your clients as easy as pie!

Over the years, the team at Oviond have used many different digital marketing reporting tools and have become frustrated using most of them. This is often because of the clunky startup process that just seems to take ages and prevents you from effortlessly creating your first dashboard or report.

So we have decided to streamline our process even further with a little how-to guide, we like to call The Oviond “Get Started” Process! Let’s begin!

Sign Up

This is naturally where most starting points for reporting software begins and Oviond is no different! We offer a 15 day free trial with no credit card details needed. This allows our users to get cracking and not worry about the finer details from the get-go.

If you haven’t signed up for your free trial yet, here is your opportunity to see just how effortless it is to sign up!

Once you have signed up for a free trial, you will have access to all of Oviond’s top reporting features so that you can see its full potential. If you decide that Oviond is the bee’s knees and would like to sign up for a paid plan, we make that pretty easy to do from within the app too. Checkout how to upgrade your plan!

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Add Your First Client

A client on Oviond works a lot like a folder to store all of your funnels, dashboards and reports for your clients.

Each client project that you create on Oviond will represent one of your own clients, that you would then connect integrations for so that you can create funnels, dashboards and reports to store within their client project, and share with them once you are ready.

Take a look at the following help center article if you would like to see exactly how to add your first client to Oviond!

Connect Your First Integration

What’s the point of a reporting platform without integrations right? Oviond has an extensive list of popular and less well known integrations that are ready for you to connect in order to pull through data into your dashboards and reports.

Each integration has its own authentication process on Oviond, but a good starting point is our Getting Started With Oviond’s Integrations help center collection, which will help you through all the steps for each integration offered on Oviond.

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Choose Funnels, Dashboards Or Reports

Now the choice is yours! Oviond has 3 different features that allows you to select how you would like to view your data.

Funnels provide a snippet of the performance of your client towards a targeted goal. This may sound like gibberish so let me give you an example: Let’s say you have a client that has prioritized generating new business leads through their advertising. You can use a Funnel on Oviond to track this goal, by showing how top-of-Funnel elements (metrics) such as total media spend, trickles down to bottom-of-Funnel goals such as business leads generated. Take a look at our Lead Generation Funnel template if you would like to see this in action on Oviond.

Dashboards provide a tried and trusted platform for you to view all of your favorite KPI’s in one place. Pretty much every digital marketing reporting platform under the sun offers a dashboard function and the reason why is pretty simple… they’re great! A dashboard is the perfect way for you to create one place to view all the data important to your clients’ performance from multiple data sources. Take a look here if you would like to see what an Oviond Dashboard looks like.

Reports provide a formal alternative to dashboards, perfect for sharing with your clients or your team for periodic reporting. How we differentiate this from dashboards is by using a portrait orientation, and sectioning reports by pages, much like you would see on a PDF document. By standard we also include a customizable cover page and thank you page in order to communicate the purpose of the report to your clients, while still maintaining the branding of your company. Here is an example of a Google Report on Oviond for you to take a look at.

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Templates To Get Started With

This is where many people feel “stuck”. Now that you’ve set up your account and connected your data sources, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with what information you want to pull into your dashboards and reports.

Once again, we’ve got you covered! Oviond has an extensive template library that helps you create a report or dashboard populated with insightful and beautiful data widgets in just one click!

Our range of templates include basic single integration templates such as our Google Analytics Overview Dashboard, as well as more in depth niche templates using a blend of integrations such as our Weekly Marketing Report or Lead Generation Funnel templates.

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To learn more about how to use templates on Oviond, take a look at our help center article How To Use A Template In A Report.

Sharing To Your Client

This is what all of the “hard work” has been leading up to… the moment you finally get to share your beautiful dashboard, report or funnel with your client and lead them to that WOW moment!

On Oviond, it’s pretty simple. We feel that it is important to give our clients multiple ways to share reports and dashboards on Oviond, that is why we have included the option to share through a URL link and directly to an email address too, and in the case of reports, we also allow you to generate a PDF to save to your device. We even offer the option to automate your reports! Take a look at how to share content on Oviond.

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What’s Stopping You?

Yup, it’s as simple as that! Who knew that traversing the world of digital marketing reporting could be that easy!

But of course, if you do have any more questions of how to do anything on Oviond, we do have a comprehensive help center library with tutorials just for you! Take a look at our Help Center here.

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