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What Is A Digital Marketing Dashboard?

Digital marketing dashboards have become one of the buzz phrases going around in the industry for the past couple of years. In this blog we cover what a digital marketing dashboard is, why you need one, the elements Oviond offers, and also the structure digital marketing dashboards should follow.

A digital marketing dashboard is an electronic interface that enables you to combine data from multiple digital marketing channels onto one platform. A digital marketing dashboard is very similar to a digital marketing report but there are a few key features that separate the two reporting types on Oviond, including a limit on the number of widgets, sharing options and orientations.

Digital marketing dashboards are a fundamental part of reporting for many marketing agencies who are wanting to represent the performance of their digital marketing efforts to their clients. They allow agencies to display data to their clients in a way that will be easy to analyze and understand so that they are able to make decisions on any digital marketing campaigns that are being run for their business. Read more about what digital marketing report and funnels are and how to best utilize them on Oviond in some of our other blogs.

Why Do You Need A Digital Marketing Dashboard?

Digital marketing reporting is one of the most effective ways for agencies to build an honest, open and long-term relationship with their clients. There is nowhere to hide in a digital marketing dashboard and it gives agencies the opportunity to layout how their digital marketing efforts have performed and easily identify the strategies that have been effective, as well as eliminate the strategies that have not been as effective.

A digital marketing dashboard is used to track key metrics and provide clients with an informative display of their digital marketing campaigns. The three reporting functions that Oviond offers; dashboards, reports and funnels, each have their own look, feel and purpose..." and marketing agencies can choose to use one or even all of them when reporting to clients. It is all dependent on how they want to present the performance of their clients digital marketing campaigns to them.

How To Structure A Digital Marketing Dashboard

Digital Marketing Dashboard - Structure.png

A digital marketing dashboard on Oviond offers a full screen, landscape view of your data. The widgets on the dashboard are slightly larger than they will be on the reports as there is a wider screen space for them to be displayed on. Here are a few key points to consider when creating an effective digital marketing dashboard for a client:


It is extremely important that the correct KPIs are used in a digital marketing dashboard in order for it to represent the correct data to a client. Understanding marketing KPIs and which are most important is imperative in getting this right.


The way in which data is represented in a digital marketing dashboard will impact how well a client understands the data. Choosing the correct graph to represent certain data can make a dashboard easier to understand and more visually appealing to a client.


As mentioned above, having the correct KPIs and chart types in a dashboard is important but a digital marketing dashboard needs to have context in order to be understood and accepted by a client. The dashboard needs to clearly show if there were any conversions that resulted from the digital marketing campaigns. This is where understanding a client's target audience is extremely important. It’s easy to generate leads, but if the marketing campaigns are targeting the incorrect audience, the content created is pointless.

Elements That Make Up A Digital Marketing Dashboard On Oviond

With Oviond, you can build your very own digital marketing dashboard or you could use one of our many pre-built templates. Here is a breakdown of the features offered in the Oviond digital marketing dashboards:

Auto Refresh

This feature allows you to set the frequency in which you want your dashboard to pull the latest data from your connected data sources. In digital marketing it is always advisable to keep your data up to date as the various platforms do. This feature allows you to do just that in the dashboards! The dashboard that has been shared with a client will update according to the auto refresh frequency chosen for the dashboard.

Digital Marketing Dashboard - Auto refresh.png

Landscape Layout

Unlike the reports on Oviond, the dashboards allow for a more landscape view of your digital marketing data. Dashboards are the perfect view to be used for a presentation of marketing campaigns as the widgets are larger and data can be displayed in a more visually appealing way using a wider orientation.

Blend Data Widgets

This feature is available across all reporting views on Oviond. It allows you to combine multiple metrics from multiple integrations in order to get an overall performance in one widget. Using a blended data widget allows you to represent collective data in the dashboard for your clients.

Digital Marketing Dashboard - Blended data widgets.png

Number Of Widgets Is Limited

Oviond limits the number of widgets allowed on a dashboard to 20. The reason for this is to keep the dashboard looking neat and concise. This doesn’t include media or text added in the dashboard. Dashboards don’t offer the page navigation feature that reports do, making it difficult to navigate if there are too many widgets present on the dashboard.

You are able to share your dashboard with clients either by putting in their email address directly on Oviond, or you are able to copy the shared dashboard link and send that over to your client. Dashboards are not able to be generated into PDFs, you can use the reporting section in Oviond for reports that need to be sent to a client in PDF format.

Digital Marketing Dashboard - Sharing.png

Ready To Create Some Beautiful Dashboards With Oviond?

As mentioned earlier in the blog, Oviond offers pre-built digital marketing dashboards which have been created to save you time, money and provide a foundation for your digital marketing reporting. Read more about digital marketing and other features on Oviond in our blog section on our website.

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