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Written by Chris Irwin on June 22, 2019

Dashthis And Oviond: Stacking Up The Software

When it comes to presenting marketing data in manner that is both visually pleasing and easy to understand, less is often more, and focusing on the bigger picture can set a reporting platform apart.Dash This Software is one of the more aesthetically pleasing reporting tools on the market, offering a simple, engaging platform for presenting reports and creating beautiful dashboards.

Dash This overview

The name is quite telling when it comes to the software’s main offering: Dash This’ dashboards are their name and their game.The platform offers 3 different dashboard options, which become reports after setup: The Periodic dashboard, which shows stats from certain periods of time (daily, monthly, quarterly and so on); the Rolling dashboard, which shows stats on a continuous basis in your given timeframe; and the Campaign dashboard, which tracks specific campaign performance over a specified timeframe.These dashboards can then be customized using either the 9 pre-set widget chart types or custom widget options, through the drag and drop widget placement. Customizing widgets is an important consideration, but that the platform didn’t always meet our expectations in this regard. We found the custom widget function difficult to use at times and when resizing or moving widgets we noticed that they often got stuck or muddled on the page. Additionally, widgets cannot be assigned different dates and the entire report or dashboard can only span one date range.

Example Dash This Campaign Performance Dashboard

Dash This does allow integrations with most of the major data source software and digital marketing tools available, and allows for CSV data file imports for custom data, but, in our experience, the complexity of the platform can make it confusing or difficult to handle further integrations after the in initial setup. However, there are tutorial videos on the various aspects of using Dash This’ software available.

Overall, the platform covers all of the bases, with report templates that span social media, email marketing, PPC and Ecommerce, report sharing and automation, email and video support, and competitive pricing (ranging from $33-$499 per month, depending on the number of dashboards used). We also felt that Dash This was somewhat limited in terms of what one has access to in the standard subscriptions, with white labelling only available as a premium add-on at all pricing levels.

Oviond overview

When it comes to choosing a reporting platform that best suits one’s business needs, the devil is often in the details, and it can be subtle differences that really set these tools apart.Oviond offers many subtle advantages that allow the end-user to get the most from their marketing data: Oviond offers an extensive level of control over one’s data and the way it is represented, with separate dashboards and reports and the ability to fully customise nearly every aspect thereof.

Oviond Campaign Performance Dashboard Example

Oviond covers all of the key reporting considerations, like unlimited easy integrations, automated reporting, and monitoring of costs, KPIs and goals, whilst taking customization even further and making it simple, seamless and highly intuitive. Everything is customisable and white labelling comes standard, from the powerful widgets to client-specific projects that include individual client template reports, custom currency settings per client, custom client branding and more.

Navigating the Oviond platform is simple, with access to every feature on the handy sidebar. And, should you ever need help with anything on the platform, Oviond has full online help and support. Users can even help improve the Oviond experience through a feedback portal for suggestions about the product, app, integrations and reporting -which works on an upvote/downvote system.With such a holistic offering, and nearly endless customization, Oviond is a platform that ticks all the boxes.

Article written by Chris Irwin
As the Founder, product-lead, and head of technology of Oviond, Chris is the driving force behind the business, with a relentless passion for technology and more than 14 years of digital marketing experience. Having serviced more than 100 brands, and taking an active role in 3 other successful digital businesses, Chris has a holistic and intrinsic knowledge of the digital landscape, giving him the insight and experience to deliver the results that business owners demand from their digital marketing efforts. In his personal life, Chris is a health and fitness enthusiast, passionate boxer, father to the power of 4, and devoted husband, who enjoys nothing more than to opt-out on weekends and spend time outdoors with his family.

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