Digital Marketing Myths Of 2020

Everybody wants their business to grow and there is nothing worse than following myths that lead to nowhere. Let’s delve into some of the traps businesses fall into when it comes to digital marketing.

Am I Doing My Digital Marketing Correctly?

This is a question all businesses ask themselves daily. Whether you are doing your marketing in-house or using an agency, we are always concerned that there is something we are not doing correctly. Navigating your way around the digital space can be confusing, so to help you find the best way to advertise your business with digital marketing, we have created this blog to highlight some of the myths and misconceptions of digital marketing.

Common Myths In Digital Marketing

It is important to understand the meanings behind the terms: myths and facts. A myth is an idea that is believed by many but is false. A fact is something that has been proven to be true.

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5 myths in digital marketing that need to be put to bed:

1. Digital marketing is the ONLY marketing you need

Not true! While digital marketing is an extremely important element in your marketing strategy, it is not as effective as it could be if it is not used alongside other forms of marketing. It is always a good idea to have a balance of traditional marketing and digital marketing as part of your strategy. Online is usually where most buyers will go before making a decision on what to buy but it does not mean that other forms of marketing should not be used. Depending on your industry, print media and word of mouth are still very widely used in the marketing industry. A flyer might be what brought your business to someone’s attention but they convert on your website, therefore, both forms of marketing played a part in the conversion.

2. SEO is not important anymore

This is an extremely common myth in digital marketing. So many people feel that they don’t need SEO as part of their strategies anymore because social media has become such a popular form of advertising. 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine, which proves that SEO is still an important aspect to consider in digital marketing. Another myth that goes hand in hand with SEO is that Google Ads will help increase organic traffic. This is not true. Each of them works independently but is both effective elements if done correctly.

3. The more content, the better

There is such a thing as too much content! However, there is truth in “content is king”, but the content that you use on your website and in your online advertising needs to be targeted correctly. This is why keyword research is so important. Your content should always be based on your keywords if you want to create targeted content. Targeted content will result in more visibility from the right audience.

4. Mobile optimization is overrated

We posted a blog a little earlier this year about Mobile Marketing, where we highlighted the importance of having a mobile-friendly website due to the rise in mobile marketing over the years. The convenience of smartphones and tablets can’t be ignored. People are going to come across your online advertisements while on the move and it is imperative that they land on a website that has been mobile optimized. Google also favors websites that are mobile-friendly so not having an optimized website could jeopardize your ranking on search engines, no matter how good your SEO may be. 50% of customers will stop visiting a website if it is not mobile-friendly, that is a large percentage of traffic to lose.

5. Negative feedback is bad

If a customer complains about your business on social media, use that as an opportunity to improve. Respond to the customer openly on the issue that they have brought up by providing them with a response that allows them to contact your customer care. This shows them, as well as everyone else who sees the feedback that you care about your customer’s concerns. Customers are more concerned about how you deal with the issue rather than the actual issue itself.

Digital Marketing & Traditional Marketing

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As mentioned above in the myth about digital marketing being the only form of marketing you need, it is important to understand how traditional marketing can still be used as a puzzle piece in your marketing strategy. Cross-platform is necessary and your main goal for your marketing is generally to increase your reach. Using a combination of traditional marketing and digital marketing will allow you to do just that.

That’s A Wrap

Myths and misconceptions around digital marketing have been around for years! There is no way to ever really get rid of them for good, but if you use the right online tools you will be able to spot the difference between myths and facts fairly easily. The internet is flooded with information, some useful and some false, so just be sure to do your research properly before making any decisions about what to include in your digital marketing strategy.

To conclude, there are many elements of a digital marketing plan that have been praised or bashed over the years, so it is important to do your research and only adopt the elements that you think will work for you and your business and then implement them correctly.

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