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Oviond is the powerhouse of cross-channel digital marketing reporting. Unifying PPC, Social, Email, SEO and more into one report has never been so easy

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Save time with templates

Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets or time-consuming manual reports. Our templates will help you show clients how you helped them grow their business, and make sure you’re getting paid for that success.

Over 120+ templates to choose from
Our vast repository of digital marketing reporting templates will save you hours of time every month.
A template library that keeps growing
Every week with feedback from over 3500 customers globally our team of digital marketing reporting experts compile new templates for you to use.

Build custom reports in minutes

Templates not your thing? You can easily customize your digital marketing reports to show you exactly what you want, where you want and how you want.

All marketing channels at your fingertips
You only need to connect to your marketing stack once, from then onwards you can access any data anywhere with Oviond.
Customize widgets, date ranges, colors and more
With Oviond you really are in the driver's seat all the way. Customize your colors, fonts, logo and even send reports from your own custom domain.

Automated digital marketing reporting

Streamline you digital marketing reporting process with automated tools that work together. Gain insights into all your marketing channels, obtain the full picture at your fingertips, and know how to improve your digital marketing performance.

Set and forget
Keep clients and stakeholders on the same page.. automatically.
Send reports every day, week or month
Granular control on how your reports are sent. All sent reports are stored in a folder for later reference at no extra cost and without affecting your usage thresholds.

Easily share your work

Easily share your digital marketing reporting and insights with your clients and team.

Share via link
Send a link to your clients and team to keep an eye on your progress. No sign up and client sign in required.
Print a PDF
Print to a PDF or send via email if you prefer.

Tailored, Flexible, Personalized Digital Marketing Reporting.

Oviond's all-in-one platform allows you to access all your marketing data in one place, no matter how fragmented it is across different platforms. With Oviond, you can easily create and share digital marketing reports that are relevant to your business goals, making it easier to make data-driven decisions.

White Label

We offer the ability to fully white-label your account with a custom domain and custom branding to match your corporate identity.

Template Library

Oviond has 120+ ready-made templates offering a range of common KPI’s and metrics. You can also create your own custom templates.

Drag & Drop Builder

Easily move widgets, text boxes and media on your Dashboards, Reports & Reporting. Sorting of data has never been so effortless.

Done For You

Oviond offers you a product setup to get your data fully transferred over from your previous reporting tool and onto our platform.

Automation & Data Auto Refresh

Set data auto refresh on Dashboards and facilitate your Report distribution by automatically sending reports to your clients via email.

Multiple Client Management

We offer seamless client management, by managing multiple websites and marketing channels in one place on separate client projects.

Blended Data Widgets

Create widgets that include metrics from multiple integrations to get the true value of your clients performance in one widget.

Share By Link, Email Or PDF

Share Dashboards, Reports & Reporting with clients by using a shareable link, creating a PDF or emailing directly from your account.

Digital Marketing Reporting Templates

Oviond's Digital Marketing Reporting software FAQ's

What is a Report?
A Report is a compressive breakdown of the performance of your digital marketing campaigns. It is setup in the form of a portrait A4 document and is split into sections.
How can I share a Report?
Sharing a report on Oviond is easy. You can either email your report, automate it, generate a PDF or copy the shared link and send it via email.
Do I have restriction on my reports?
Nope! You can add as many pages as you like to your reports.
Can I automate a Report?
Yes! With our report automation feature you will be able to schedule the sending of your clients reports to one email or multiple emails in one go.
Can I download a Report?
Yes! When you click on the Share Report option, the Report will open on a new page and offer the option to share or generate a PDF.
Can I customize the Report cover page?
Yes! You are able to upload a media for cover pages in the Settings section which you can use in any Reports as a custom cover page.
How many reports can I have in my account?
This will depend on your subscription. You can check your subscription limitations by going into the Settings page -> Billing -> Upgrade.
Are there pre-built templates available for Reports?
Yes we do offer pre-built Report templates. Check out the template page on our website to see the pre-built templates we have to offer.
Are you able to template a report?
Yes! If you would like to create a report and use them accross all your clients, Oviond allows you to save them as custom templates.
Can I copy a dashboard into a Report?
At this stage, Dashboard and Report templates are separate, but keep an eye on our product roadmap to see when this feature will be available.
How many widgets can I add to a Report?
You can add as many widgets as you want to a Report, the only limitation is to how many widgets will fit on a page. A Report can have unlimited pages.
What type of media can I add to a report?
You can add almost anything, text, data widgets, videos, images and more!

Reporting always been a pain?Oviond allows you to easily manage an unlimited number of campaigns and track your results from anywhere..

Now you can accurately organize your digital marketing efforts with real-time reporting.

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