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Marketing Reporting

Oviond is the powerhouse of cross-channel reporting and monitoring, unifying PPC, Social, Email, and SEO into one report

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Multi-source Reporting

  • With Oviond, everything you need is on the platform; there’s no need to waste your time jumping from one platform to another to find all your data.
  • Organic search, paid ads, social media… your marketing strategies involve dozens of campaigns accross multiple platforms that you have to juggle-with. Oviond automatically gathers your data from all platforms so that you can compare and combine data  into a single report

Reporting... Automated

  • Instantly share visually-represented KPIs with your team and clients, combining multiple sources into a single, comprehensive report.
  • Schedule reports to be sent automatically, as frequently as you require, whether monthly, weekly, or daily.

Powerful Integration Options

Oviond seamlessly connects to 50+ of the most popular marketing apps and platforms. Our integration partner network is constantly expanding to meet our users’ needs.

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Quick, Custom Marketing Reports

Use Oviond’s simple drag-and-drop interface to build and customise reports from hundreds of templates, predefined widgets, and KPIs

Multiple Client Management

Unlimited scalability for seamless client management, whether you manage 1 website with 5 marketing channels, or 1000 websites with 5000 channels

Powerful Customisation

Robust customisation options allow you to upload logos, individualise colour palettes, add custom domains and so much more

A Human Touch

We believe in putting people first and establishing a human connection with our clients. Every new account includes  access to personalised customer support

Intuitive Templates

Save time with templated reports that can be instantly deployed across projects

Sharing Simplified

Instantly share up-to-date reports with your clients or teams without the need to log in

Unlimited Reports

Create as many Reports for your projects as you require

Time-Saving Presets

Choose from a vast library of preset report templates to speed up your reporting or create your own

Nifty Notifications

Receive notifications as soon as goals are reached, budgets go over or under spend, and more, with our notification widget

Media Markup

Our media markup feature allows you to resell media and report all-inclusive values

Beautifully Designed fully custom marketing reports

Build stunning cross channel automated marketing reports for your team or clients. Add your insight, images, videos and custom data. Share with a single link, use your branding, colours and domain

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