What Is A Digital Marketing Dashboard?

Digital Marketing Dashboard - A web connecting digital marketing data sources to a cartoon man sitting on a laptop

Digital marketing dashboards have definitely been one of the buzz phrases going around in the industry for the past couple of years now. As digital marketing grows, the need for simple and efficient digital marketing reporting tools increases. Oviond offers users reports, funnels and dashboards when it comes to digital marketing reporting. In this blog we cover what a digital marketing dashboards is, why you need one, the elements Oviond offers and also the structure digital marketing dashboards should follow.

Social Media Marketing For Businesses

I think it is safe to say that social media has blown up over the last couple of years. What started as a platform for social networking has now become an important part of many industries’ digital marketing strategies. Let’s dig a little deeper into how your business can benefit from using social media and how to choose which platforms would work best for you and your business.

Mobile Marketing And Why It Matters?

Mobile Marketing has been on the rise the past couple of years but it has really taken off in 2020. It has proven to reach a much larger audience due to the use of smartphones increasing each year. Read more about Mobile Marketing and how you could make use of it in your Digital Marketing Strategies.

Display Ads In Digital Marketing

Displays ads have become huge in the digital marketing world! More and more agencies and brands are bringing this form of advertising on board and reaping the benefits. Display advertising has been around for nearly 30 years and since then it is not only the look of the ads that have changed but also the performance and frequency of which they get seen has increased over the years.

Key Aspects For Creating A Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

What is a digital marketing strategy? A digital marketing strategy is a plan that is compiled in order to assist a business to reach specific goals using digital marketing channels. These channels need to be structured around the main objectives of the business in order for the strategy to be carried out effectively. They also … Read more

Understanding the Facebook Pixel

A Facebook Pixel has become an imperative part of Digital Marketing. There are many different reasons why agencies use Facebook Pixel so, in this blog, I am going to cover all of these reasons and also talk about the benefits of using a Facebook Pixel.

If you use Facebook Ads as part of your Digital Marketing Strategy then it is a good idea to make use of the Facebook Pixel. Let’s take a look into what a Facebook Pixel is.

E-Commerce Is Here To Stay

Online shopping has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Many businesses are adopting the approach by creating eCommerce websites, as they know that they can reach a much larger audience at a lower monthly cost, by using online stores instead of traditional brick and mortar retail. Read this blog to find out more about eCommerce websites and what influences consumers’ shopping behaviour.

How to Present a Digital Marketing Performance Report

Almost every person that manages their own website or a website for a client will use Google Analytics to check website performance. As great as this free tool is, there are so many other tools that you can utilize in order to put together a digital marketing performance report. In this blog, I am going to mention a couple of ways you can go about preparing and presenting reports to your clients.